Spotlight: Draw Me In Comics

There’s a new indie comics distribution service – Draw Me In Comics – allowing creators to sell their comics!

I had a chance to ask Scott Pilling what it was all about…

The site is indended for Indie Creators as we found that other sites have a different focus and the indies are often overlooked as a strong market in favour of more mainstream titles.
Big question we get is why “Supercoins”?
Quick answer – so artists don’t have to deal w credit card or PayPal charges and by doing make it easier and more appealing to use.  When fans buy coin packs there is a slight charge to the consumer which is where we make money and allow for the artist to keep %100. It also stimulates impulsive purchasing as consumers do not view it as real money. Other sites charge 10-50% on each sale but why does the internet charge the creator for their work? Big question on my mind and one that we have eliminated.
We are also working on some new features over the next year which will be great for everyone involved.
It’s also intended to encourage artists to sell and promote their own work so soon you will be able to link to your website store for even less hassle for the artists.
It sounds a good format, and I’m glad to see another method for new creators to distribute their work. I’m sure there will be more on this as it continues!

·         Draw Me In Comics is the premiere web site to sell your original, independent comics. 

·         Using our easy to navigate web site, each artist can create their own personal profile page as their own online comic shop selling their own original comics.

·         No need to worry about coding, it’s easy to upload your comics! 

·          Using our “Super Coin” credit currency, shoppers will have the ease of direct purchase. 

·         With a click of a button, and their collection of “Super Coins” collectors and fans will have instant access to original, independent digital comics. 

  • No need to worry about using a third party currency source for reimbursement.
  • Writers can post original scripts and script ideas to find artists to help create new comic projects.
  • With a click of a button, artists and writers can contact directly on Draw Me In Comics to collaborate on new comic projects.
  • Offers analytics for the creators


Draw ME In Comics: THE place for independent comic promotion, collaboration and creation.

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