Review: Grimm Tales Of Terror #10

Some thoughts on this latest issue of Grimm Tales of Terror – out this week from Zenescope Entertainment, just in time for some holiday horror!

Grimm Tales Of Terror Volume 4. #10

Howard Mackie – Writer
Eric Johnson (EricJ) – Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Allan Otero – Variant Cover Artist

Environmentalist and Big Energy face off in a small but prosperous boom town in North Carolina. When people begin mysteriously disappearing at a rapid rate law enforcement is at a loss for an explanation–or a guilty party. Everything begins to unravel as this mystery takes root.

Grimm Tales Of Terror #10

This was a nice bit of environmental vengeance. I was unaware of the legend of Croatoan and I don’t know much about the Roanoke colony. Being in the UK, this had passed me by. 
This didn’t stop me from having a grim satisfaction from this story though. There are no likable characters in this (well, possibly the spirit – he has a point) and you could see that things were going to go bad.
The build up was well done though. Things escalated well, with the main character gradually getting worse and worse. He was warned and had some opportunity to change, but did not heed that advise.

This is an interesting message… 

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