Reviews – Conspiracy: Doppelganger, Grimm Fairy Tales & Van Helsing: Sword of Heaven

Some thoughts on this weeks comics from Zenescope – Conspiracy: Doppelganger, Grimm Fairy Tales #25 & Van Helsing: Sword of Heaven #3

Conspiracy: Doppelganger

Writer: Hans Rodionoff
Artwork: J. G. Miranda

Have your favorite celebrities been swapped and replaced with clones to help shepherd the masses? Does your government replace those who don’t cooperate with their agenda? Are you next? Find out as this “theory” is explored.

Adding onto the conspiracy theories, this issue gives us the link between the issues. It’s well done, and I like the way it was all set up. The link is going to prove to be an interesting part of these stories. Meanwhile we get the build up for the Doppelganger. You could see where this was all headed, and I like the way it lead up to it all. There is a fair amount of world building here, with a look at how the Illuminate organise and rule the world. This issue built well on the previous issue and added some good stakes to the story. It’s kept me interested to see where it goes!

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.2 #25

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artist: Deivis Goetten

The War of The Grail: 

While Merlin and Mordred fight an all-out war that will determine the fate of Camelot and possibly the world itself, Skye and Shang try to find a way to stop them and destroy the all-powered Grail. Don’t miss this special anniversary issue of Grimm Fairy Tales.

The War Of The Grail begins here and the first half is an short battle of Merlin fighting against his brother. The Order of The Tarot are fractured, but still a formidable force. Merlin’s forces get a good look in and the battle proves decisive in terms of the battle and also to show off Merlin’s forces!. The battle against Shang’s army is a little different and the team are unlucky. I did get a feel of Secret Wars in the ending, and I expect there will be a similar resolution! The stakes have been raised!

Van Helsing: Sword of Heaven #3

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Julius Abrera

Stranded in the lifeless barrens fo the Thar Desert, Liesel’s quest for the ultimate scourge of vampirism is interrupted by a race against the sun. She must cross the burning lands of India by nightfall before the hordes of an undead raja awaken.

The halfway point of the mini series and there is a lot going on. There’s some nice comments on the nature of India, and some repect there too. The nature of this villain is a bit different to the normal vampires and more for Van Helsing. The land is against her too, with some hard work until we get to the end. This will be interesting!

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