Review: Atomic Robo & The Dawn Of A New Era #2

Some thoughts on the latest issue of the adventures of Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo just opened Tesladyne Institute’s doors to the next generation of Action Scientists and that means hijinx are afoot! But with Vik, Lang, and Bernie off-campus, it’s up to Robo and Foley to make sure the place doesn’t burn down. Also, Robo’s building a secret robot son using the automatic intelligence that tried to cook the Earth in nuclear flames a few years back. I bet that won’t backfire on him! Celebrating 10 years of Atomic Robo! Calling all future Action Scientists! If you want the best education-one that’ll prepare you for rock monsters, evil brains-in-jars, insane dinosaurs, corrupt scientists, extra-dimensional beings, and of course, heaping helpings of A.I.s, this book is for you!

Brian Clevinger – Writer
Scott Wegener – Artist, Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist

The team and the new students are finding their own problems. I like the way it’s all being set up.
There’s weird caverns underground. Where do they begin and where do they end? And what is the light? I like the caverns especially – the art and colouring is well done.
We have an extra twist at the end that I won’t spoil, but that adds to the problems for the Tesla team.
Then there are the students – already working together well and discovering things. The ‘clubhouse’ is good fun and I like them already!

And then there is Robo, finally with an AI he can teach. We learn more about the AI (Alan) and more about Robo’s thoughts on humans.
A good read, moving things forward and each member of the team getting there own time to shine!

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