Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & Robyn Hood: Outlaw

Some thoughts on two of this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Grimm Tales Of Terror and a new Robyn Hood series

Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol.4 #12

Ouija Board: 
The veil between our world and the next is paper thin, even the slightest tear can open the floodgates. Two friends are about to find out that contacting the other side could lead to disastrous, and even deadly consequences.

Writer: Brian Studler
Artist: Butch Mapa

The Ouija Board can be a creepy one. Voices and messages from beyond life. This one was really well done. There are some messed up people in this one, and I had no idea where it was all going. The characters were pretty well defined and although you quickly discover who the usual assholes are in a story like this, there is more to it. It’s not just the board itself, there is more.
this was a nicely paced story with some good art – some of the facial expressions are very well done!

Robyn Hood: Outlaw #1

Robyn Locksley is back in New York and looking to return to her normal life. She soon learns this won’t be possible when she finds herself entangled in a new mystery that pits her against her greatest adversary yet.​

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

A new 6-part mini series for Robyn Hood!
Robyn gets back home for a rest – which obviously doesn’t happen at all! set up for an attempted murder (on the commissioner no less!) She has to fight her way out. there are cops all over the place, and although some are obviously on the take, some aren’t some Robyn has to go a little easy on them!
There’s quite a lot of action here – breaking glass, jumping on roofs etc, and it works quite well, a frantic pace and a nice introduction to the story and the character!
Robyn seems to have also picked up a stray, and it seems they have their own plans for her – I’m sure we’ll learn more soon!
A good action that has whetted my appetite for more!

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