Reviews: Zodiac & Conspiracy

Some thoughts on the new series spanning out of the current Grimm Fairy Tales arc – Zodiac #1 and the latest issue of Conspiracy

Zodiac #1

As the war between Camelot and the Order of Tarot wages Merlin the Magician looks to give himself an advantage…by eliminating all of his Tarot’s biggest threats. And he has the perfect man for the job, a deadly magical warrior who was born to kill. Don’t miss this 3 issue limited series introducing the deadliest assassin to ever exist in the Grimm Universe…Zodiac.

Igor Vitorino – Cover Artist
Edgar Salazar – Variant Cover Artist
Jay Anacleto – Variant Cover Artist
Michael Dooney – Variant Cover Artist
Leonardo Colapietro – Variant Cover Artist

The first issue of this three part mini-series gives us a quick rundown on Zodiac. A short, brief look at his background, and a more glorified look at his weaponry. We do get a bit more of his background – including a look at why he is the way he is. Very Punisher-esque.

What follows is a fair amount of action, with Zodiac being the best at what he does. Using the weapons at his disposal, he has a list of targets from Merlin, and dispatches one of them in short order.

This was a fast paced introduction for newer readers and gives us plenty to enjoy as the bad guys get dispatched – but isn’t Zodiac a bad guy too?

Conspiracy #3

There are many stories surrounding the Denver Airport. Is it hiding a secret underground base? Does the creepy Mustang statue ward off demons? What secrets does it hold from the outside world? Find out the truth behind this mysterious airport in this issue!

Hans Rodionoff – Writer
Leonardo Colapietro – Cover Artist
Sheldon Goh – Variant Cover Artist

I never knew anything about the conspiracy theories at Denver Airport, but this was a good read. I don’t think it was a strong as the others, as I could see the ending coming. I like the way we got to explore the terminal with the son though, he is really unlikable though!
The ending was the interesting part, and I like the way it was left hanging there, and there is more to come!

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