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Wonder Twins (2019-) #1 Exiled from their home, alien heroes Zan and Jayna must navigate life as teens on Earth at South Metropolis High School and pull monitor duty at the Hall of Justice as interns. Shop Now
  New Releases  
  Detective Comics (2016-) #998
  The Stone King (comiXology Originals) #3 (of 4)
  Avengers: No Road Home (2019) #1 (of 10)
  Goliath Girls (comiXology Originals) #3 (of 5)
  Wonder Woman (2016-) #64
  Masked Republic Luchaverse: Lucha Brothers #1
  Captain Marvel (2019-) #2
  Criminal (2019-) #2
  Goddess Mode (2018-) #3
  Savage Sword Of Conan (2019-) #1
  Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep #1
  Gideon Falls #11
New Story Arc: Hit-Girl Season Two #1. From from Kevin Smith and Pernille Ørum:!
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  Graphic Novels & Collections  
  Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil: New Edition
  New Super-Man and the Justice League of China
  The Wrath of Fant™mas Vol. 1
  The Long Con Vol. 1
Indie New Releases featuring Afterglow #1 See All
  Digital Firsts    
  Raven The Pirate Princess Year 3: Monsters of the DeepÊ #1
  WitchHeart #1
  Bandette #18
  Logan’s Run: Black Flower #4
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Image Best of 2018 Sale: up to 60% off! Sale ends 3/7.
IDW Recent Hits Sale: up to 75% off! Sale ends 3/8.
Dynamite Firsts Sale: up to 75% off! Sale ends 2/25.
Marvel Valentine’s Sale: up to 67% off! Sale ends 2/17.
DC's Heroes in Love Sale: up to 90% off! Sale ends 2/18.
Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Sale: up to 66% off! Sale ends 2/25.

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Review: Agent 1.22 #4

May 26, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Issue #4 of the ongoing series, Agent 1.22 is out now, available online, on ComiXology (soon) or Kindle. Agent 1.22 is on the run! Will the Establishment take her down before Matt can save the […]

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