Fund Me Friday: The Soul Of The Sea #1

Roddy McCance – creator of Tales Of The Fractured Mind and Tales Of Fractured Worlds has a new project on Kickstarter…

The Soul Of The Sea #1

The Soul Of The Sea is a horror comic that will send shivers down your spine. An old-fashioned ghost story to read on a rainy night.

The Soul Of The Sea is a horror comic series set in a rural Ireland and it explores themes regarding isolation, community life and religion. Welcome to the Kickstarter for Issue #1, a 28 page comic book.

“A man travels to a remote Irish island to help a sick boy and to find closure about his own son, who died at sea when fishing boat The Soul Of The  Sea capsized wo years before. If he wants to get the answers he needs, he will have to commit the ultimate sacrifice to save the boy and to figure out what happened to the fishing boat The Soul Of The Sea.”

The Soul Of The Sea is a comic book inspired by stories by Michelle Paver, Susan Hill, Edgar Allen Poe, M.R James and more.  We want to keep the tradition going, but we also want to turn it on it’s head combining the classic ghost story with folk horror and forge our own creation. This is a comic that broods with menace, not one that’s full of blood and gore. We want to explore grief, rural life and religion in our story and their connection to each other. The best horror stories in my opinion are the ones that are deeply connected to our own emotions and play on those emotions.

 We have created the series because of our love of folk horrorghosts and stories that send shivers down your spine. Donna A. Black uses a combination of photographspaintingtraditional comic art and digital painting to tell the story. A unique story-telling experience that will make your hairs stand on end. 

Digital rewards?

For £2 you get the digital comic, with digital rewards on tiers above it – including scripts!

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