Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Zodiac

Some thoughts on Grimm Fairy Tales Vol.2 #26 and Zodiac #2 – out this week from Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales #26

The Legacy has been passed on, the Age of Camelot has come and gone, and Skye Mathers’ Odyssey begins! The Realms of Power are in chaos after the fallout from the Age of Camelot and now, Skye Mathers must figure out a way to save her mentor, Shang, while still fulfilling her role as Guardian of the Nexus. Teaming up with new allies, she will face her biggest test yet as she goes on an Odyssey to restore the balance to the Grimm Universe!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Milton Estevam

Skye starts a new arc here. She wants to find Shang, but she’s getting no help from the council. It’s understandable in a way, as Merlin seems to be all powerful, and the council don’t want to antagonise him! Whereever he may be!
We do get a bit of action in this issue, with a return of Cindy, who seems to want to build her own horde! The battle is well done, with some interesting points about Skye’s powers.
Skye does get some help though, and that seems to lead her on her quest – or Odyssey – and that is linked to Camelot in another way. It’s an interesting lead, and the ending also adds some, so we will see!

Zodiac #2

After some excitement on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Zodiac traces the Order of Tarot to their hidden base in a graveyard outside of the city. When he arrives though, Baron Samedi and Voodoo Priestess, Marie Laveau, are waiting for him, and they are ready to fight. Zodiac must defeat them if he hopes to complete his mission and destroy the Order of Tarot.

Writer: Joe Brusha 
Artist: Daniel Maine

This is pretty much all action as Zodiac works his way through the Order of Tarot. He does get hit a few times, but manages to get his licks in. His hits seem to make more of an impression!
We get a long monologue from Zodiac throughout this issue, and it does make some sense as we get to the end. The final issue coming up will be interesting, and it seems there is more of a threat for him.

Zodiac’s character isn’t bad, but he’s not as likable to read as some!

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