Reviews: The Transformers, Ducktales & Go-Bots

Here are some thoughts on some of this weeks comics from IDW Publishing!

The Transformers #2

‘Your life is yours to shape.’ These words form the backbone of the Transformers’ society. But Cybertronian police officers Chromia and Prowl learn there’s a dark underside as they investigate the murder that’s caught Bumblebee in a web of lies and secrets.

Brian Ruckley – Writer
Angel Hernandez – Artist
Nelson Danielson – Cover Artist
Jeffrey Veregge – Variant Cover Artist
Ron Joseph – Variant Cover Artist

The tour of Cybertron continues, and this time (after a brief chat about the body) we move onto Wheeljack.
First the body though – and it looks like this is something that will shake up the status quo on Cybertron, as there hasn’t been a death like that for a long time. We also get the link between this and Orion Pax – as he wants extra security on site for Megatron’s demonstration.
Wheeljack was a good choice by Bumblebee as he is energetic and moves things on nicely – we also get a good look at how energon is harvested for the world!
This was another good issue, with the final pages causing more problems for the Autobots – they just don’t know it yet!

Ducktales #19

What new adventures will Scrooge McDuck and company get up to this month? Find out in another exciting issue of DuckTales!

Steve Behling – Writer
Gianfranco Florio – Artist
Emilio Urbano – Artist

Flintheart…McDuck?!? is this weeks story.
Flintheart has a go at being McDuck and you can tell from Scrooge’s reaction to being captured, it’s not as easy as it seems. What follows is a fun day-in-the-life style read of Scrooge’s normal day. Flinthearts reactions are good fun – as are Donald and the boys. I like that Launchpad isn’t in on it and it makes a fun read.

Go-Bots #5

The jaw-dropping conclusion to Tom Scioli’s epic tale is here! The fate of all Go-Bots hangs in the balance! From the creative mind that brought you IDW’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe! Visionary creator Tom Scioli unleashes his imagination on the bizarre, absurd, and wonderful world of Go-Bots!

Tom Scioli – Writer, Artist, Cover Artist
Ryan Brown – Variant Cover Artist
Dash Shaw – Variant Cover Artist

The madness concludes! We get a nice completion for nearly all those involved. The secrets are all out and Leader-1 is no more. Turbo has his battles and the layouts of it all are excellent and crazy. Just when you think it’s ending, there is more to come! I like the way this closed everything off, and maybe even something for the future! We had new Go-Bots, Rock Lords and more!


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