Review: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1

When a disgruntled professional wrestler declares himself “Galactic Champion of the Universe,” Earth is invaded by a planet of wrestling aliens who view it as an act of war!

From Starburns Industries Press

A Date with Destiny!

“Boy Scout” Bob Schultz! Cousin Orville! Mini Macho! Kodiak Jack! Spanish Rose! Don Fong Wong! These are the megastars of 1984’s AWF. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Rory Landell isn’t getting the respect he thinks he deserves, so one crazy night he ups the game, declaring himself the Galactic Champion of the Universe. But it turns out AWF fans aren’t the only ones listening, and the denizens of planet Wrestletopia aren’t going to take a challenge like that sitting down!

Written by Matt Entin, Edward Kuehnel
Art by Dan Schkade
Colored by Marissa Louise
Cover by Dan Schkade
Lettered by Dave Lanphear

I am a wrestling fan – In the UK I try to sit up and watch Wrestlemania, NXT and the rest.
So I was intrigued to see how this new series would pan out!
This was a great read. The time hop is interesting and adds something to the story.
I really enjoyed the backstage shenanigans – with promoters, old trainers and other wrestlers. I think that those who read the ‘dirt sheets’ would really enjoy this series. There is a nice build up to to the final panel too – I like the way it deals with how the time difference will cause and issue – due to transmissions taking some time to get to other planets!
There is some good action too – I always think that wrestling comics have trouble showing in-ring action, but this one works really well – comedic and showing the movement really well.
The art style is perfect for this story, with some nice cartooning and some well recognised characters.

This is an excellent debut issue, with some well rounded characters and a good introduction to their lot in life. The nice touches for wrestling fans work, and those who aren’t familiar with the business should enjoy it too!

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Artist for issues 1-3 is DanSchkade:
Colorist is MarissaLouise:
Letterer is DaveLanphear:

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