Review – Robyn Hood: Outlaw #4

Some thoughts on the latest issue of the Robyn Hood: Outlaw mini series, out this week from Zenescope Entertainment

Robyn sinks into the depths of society she didn’t know existed beneath the streets of New York – a place of power, magic, and mayhem. But little does she know, this place may just help her find the curse she seeks to save the life of her friend.

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis
I do like this cover – full of action and determined!

This is a twisty issue. Robyn is in trouble, and while she works her way through that trouble we get some flashbacks. It’s a good way of doing it, as there is some nice introductions to the team that Robyn will be working with. It’s interesting though as we only have two issues left and there is still Robyn’s ill friend to deal with – I wonder if they are connected somehow!?
Nevertheless, this was a good introduction to the the characters we are going to see – their powers and their personalities!
There is a lot not to trust in this issue, and I wonder where it will lead!
This was a slower issue than the previous ones, but I like the pace and the ideas behind it – the art works well too!

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