Review: The Catalyst

New from Comichaus – available in print and to read on their digital comics subscription app. The Catalyst

Guy is a Catalyst, an artificial being travelling from universe to universe, genre to genre, instigating the stories. Whether you need a clue to your mystery, a warning from a mysterious stranger or a hint of hope, he’s there. Whatever gets you into the next scene.
But why does this helpful robot always end up beaten senseless? Did you need to stab him as you accepted the ancient scroll?
As the realities roll by, Guy’s patience starts to wear thin. But can he ever be anything else?

Also featuring: Wanted: Brave Warriors, a short bonus story looking at day-to-day life in a fantasy world Guy passes through, where courage might be the worst possible trait for completing a quest.

The Catalyst is a new one-shot comic from Comichaus, crossing the gleeful stylistic play of Black Hammer or Eternity Girl with the robot-introspection of Westworld. It came from the media-drenched mind of writer Nick Bryan and is brought to life with vivid, genre-spanning work by artist Robert Ahmad, colourist David Cooper and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Writer(s): Nick Bryan
Artist(s): Robert Ahmad
Cover Artist(s): Robert Ahmad
Colourist(s): David B. CooperEmily Brady
Letters: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouDC Hopkins

Both these stories are really clever reads. The Catalyst takes a really good concept and walks us through. We get to see many different worlds and classic types and it really builds up to the end well. I like the ‘reset’ parts where there is a good round up of what has gone before. We get gangsters, cowboys, magic kingdoms and robots. They style of the story doesn’t get old, and I like the way it all adds to the story.
The moral side of the story is well done – it doesn’t hit you over the head and adds to the conundrum at the end of the story.
I really like the art, and the introductory part of the story really pops well. There is some excellent colouring in the story, especially considering the different scenes there are!
The back up story takes us to a magic kingdom, with some good humour, heart and a good ending. It mixes the brave heroes and the wizard’s spells and there is some touching scenes.

All in all, this is a good read, with some nice points, art and story telling!

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