Reviews: Eve Stranger, Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds & Atomic Robo: The Dawn Of A New Era

Some thoughts on new series Eve Stranger, Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds & the final issue of Atomic Robo: The Dawn Of A New Era

Eve Stranger #1

You have unlimited funds, a jet-set lifestyle, and extraordinary abilities. And your bloodstream is filled with nano bombs. The contents of a syringe will deactivate them for a week and also wipe your memory. So what happens when you develop a sneaking suspicion that you’re actually working for the bad guys? EVE STRANGER, amnesiac-for-hire.

High-octane thrills!

Impossible missions!

Doomed romance!

David Barnett – Writer
Philip Bond – Artist, Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist
Clay Mann – Variant Cover Artist

A great introduction to a new series and a unique way of introducing us. There are a lot of mysteries here, with the who and the what being the main ones. I like the premise of this, and the short term memory loss is an interesting idea – as is the idea of how that is regained. I wonder how reliable the narrator is and that just adds to the mystery.
In addition to that we get some nice mysterious corporations and skills – more to find out in future issues!
The art is excellent and I love the colouring style of it all – with some nice washed pastels in the tones.
This is an excellent first issue which gears us up for what is to come!

Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #1

“Samurai Jack 2.0”! Under the leadership of the benevolent Samurai Jack, society has prospered-everything is in line with his philosophies, his storied stoicism, and of course his hair. Of course, this is all news to Jack who doesn’t much care for this impostor using his name. But which one is the real Samurai Jack?

A bold new miniseries from Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe,Clue) and Adam Bryce Thomas (Sonic the Hedgehog)!

A new Samurai Jack adventure in every issue!

Paul Allor – Writer
Adam Bryce Thomas – Artist, Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist

This was an interesting read. A done-in-one issue, which this series seems to be. I like the way it built up, and there is an essence of doubt in it all. The twists at the end were really well done, with some nice aspects of the Samurai Jack mythos.
the art is really well done, with the fight scenes working in well with the style of the cartoon of which it was based.
This was a good beginnning to a new series and sets us up nicely for the adventures to come!

Atomic Robo: The Dawn Of A New Era #5

Atomic Robo opened Tesladyne Institute’s doors to the next generation of Action Scientists. Everything was going pretty smoothly until Lang discovered Robo’s secret robot son who is kinda (sorta) a new iteration of the old automatic intelligence that tried to cook the Earth in nuclear fire some years back. No way things are falling apart, right?

Brian Clevinger – Writer
Scott Wegener – Artist, Cover Artist
Andrew Griffith – Variant Cover Artist

The end of the dawn – but the beginning of something else. Alan seems to be making headway and the vampires are still out there! This issue completes the arc (the dawn) and gets us ready for what is to come. It’s a very good end of the first act!
I like the conversations that Robo has – at this point, I am inclined to agree with him – and the reactions of the others (especially the students) is very well done.
Don’t be away too soon Robo – this was an excellent arc and I’m looking forward to more!

Black Crown: Omnibus: Volume 1 @

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