Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & Conspiracy

The Conspiracy is at an end with the completion of the mini series, meanwhile Skye’s adventures continue in Grimm Fairy Tales – my thoughts of these from Zenescope

Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 2 #28

With the realms in turmoil, Skye is left at mercy of everything the universe is throwing at her. Surviving the maze from the last issue only leaves her more unprepared for what is to come. Will her first trip to the mythical Atlantis be her last? 

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Daniel Maine

Skye’s adventures move on underwater, and although there are some traditional tropes here, it works well. It looks as though Skye has made herself an ally, and I like the way this all built up. There are some good battle scenes, and these are both at sea, and inside. We get a look at Ariel, we haven’t seen her for a while, and it seems the ruling of a kingdom can be problematic!
Her mother seems nice, but as is usual in these series, there are the evil ones too. This was well done, and I like the twisting of words!
I liked the cliffhanger ending too!

Conspiracy #5

Lizard People:
Over 12 million people in the U.S. alone believe the lizard people live among us. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

Writer: Hans Rodionoff
Artwork: J.G Miranda

Completing this twisty tale of the real rulers of the world. This had some nice twists and brought everything together with an interesting (and slightly creepy) ending.
I like the flashbacks and it gives us the reasons for everything – many of the items in the previous issues fit into place and many answers (and lies) are revealed!
This was a good mini series and some fun to read!

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