Reviews: Hellchild: Blood Money & Robyn Hood: Outlaw

Some thoughts on Hellchild: Blood Money #3 and Robyn Hood: Outlaw #5 out this week from Zenescope Entertainment

Hellchild: Blood Money #3

Angelica discovers that the rabbit hole goes deeper than she even realized and Tor and his crew are involved with something even worse than a prostitution ring. She is forced to make a decision that will determine the fate of a group of innocent women, even if it means exposing herself to the wrath of extremely dangerous and powerful people.

Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artwork: Butch Mapa

The penultimate part, and this issue is a good rescue mission – right up to the very end anyway! I like the build up, and there is a lot of detail in this issue. Tor is an interesting villain, and we still don’t know what his deal is!
The fight scenes were a little light, and really were mainly knockouts – except one!
Not a bad issue, but I’m hoping the conclusion will be better!

Robyn Hood: Outlaw #5

In order to find the cure for what is slowly killing her friend, Robyn makes an uneasy alliance with a team of super-powered criminal members of the Underground. She soon finds herself taking part in a heist at the estate of a powerful highborn, which leaves her questioning if she can survive being caught between the team and a mysterious being of ancient lore.

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Babisu Kortis

A robbery in the underground. Robyn learns some more about the underground, and I think I know who the betrayer is. Although there still may be a twist. I liked this issue, but I feel ther eis going to be a lot to squeeze into the final issue. This will be interesting.
The action in this issue was very good, with the war dogs and the attack by magic.

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