Blade Runner 2019, Doctor Who & More From Titan

Here are this weeks comics from Titan Comics – including new series Blade Runner 2019 and the latest volume from The Michael Moorcock Library

Blade Runner 2019 #1

In the neo-noir city of Los Angeles, 2019, Ash, a veteran Blade Runner, is grappling with a new case: a billionaire’s wife and child, apparently kidnapped by Replicants for dark purposes…

An all-new ongoing comic series from the pen of Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049LoganAmerican Gods), with longtime co-writer Mike Johnson (Batman/Superman,SupergirlStar Trek), illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League DarkCaptain America). The first comic to tell original in-canon stories set in the Blade Runneruniverse!
Bloodborne #13

The Sundered Veil (1 of 4). The critically acclaimed horror-mystery comic begins a new story in the world ofBloodborne – Sony Interactive Entertainment and FromSoftware’s smash-hit video game! A traveller arrives in Yharnam, seeking the city’s fabled medical knowledge… only to discover more questions than answers, as time itself seems to split and tear in Yharnam’s streets.
“Filled with striking imagery… a story of grief, loss and self-torment. It tolls a deep emotional bell through moody lighting, twisted imagery and taut writing.”
– Aurealis
Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #10
Eisner-nominated writer Jodie Houser (Mother Panic,Stranger ThingsStar WarsFaith) continues the third arc of the official Doctor Who comic!
After being accused of stealing a precious gem, the Doctor and fam go in search of the true culprit. The one clue they have is that the thief has two hearts! But the Doctor gets a (nice?) surprise when the Time Lord they find turns out to be an old friend – the Corsair…
“Looks set to be one of the series’ most compelling arcs yet.” – Blogtor Who
The Michael Moorcock Library: The Chronicles of Corum Volume 3: The King of the Swords

Michael Moorcock’s timeless saga is brought to vivid life by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Batman artist Kelley Jones, and award-winning writer Mike Baron! In this stunning collection of genre-defying fantasy, Prince Corum Jhaelen battles Mabelode, the King of the Swords, discovers the true nature of the Eternal Champion, and challenges the very gods of Chaos and Law in his quest for vengeance and freedom!
“Superbly adapted… exquisitely illustrated… Michael Moorcock once again weaves a stunning blend of magic, heroism and wonder for a whole new generation of appreciative readers.” – Midwest Book Review

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