Coming Soon: Heart Of Steal

Coming to Kickstarter on the 26th July – Heart Of Steal is by Fraser Campbell, Katie Fleming, Rebecca Horner, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou & Harry French.

I’m looking forward to backing this from Cabal Comics!

Heart of Steal is a four-issue action/crime miniseries from Cabal Comics. Issue #1 is 24 pages, full colour and will be released soon, following an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to fund printing costs.

It’s a story about three estranged friends who find themselves on a collision course following an audacious robbery. It’s a story about loyalty, friendship and ambition in a World where the rules have been turned upside down.

Heart of Steal will appeal to lovers of character driven comics like Saga, Southern Cross, Crowded, Stumptown, Jessica Jones, Bandette and Giant Days and TV shows like Cowboy Bebop, Veronica Mars, Firefly and Scorpion!

What to expect if you haven’t read or seen these comics/shows?

A bit of sci-fi! A lot of crime! Loads of heart, humour, angst and action!

In the sprawling, moon-based megatropolis of Alpha City, teenage thief Toni Doinel needs a transplant heart for her dying brother. However the only one available is earmarked for notorious gang boss Ray-D, whose flunkies aren’t about to give it up without a fight!

Toni pulls off her caper, however she is pursued by Michael Roche, a rising star in Ray-D’s organisation and a childhood friend of Toni’s. In a city where the gangs have become the law, Michael sees himself as a protector, shielding his neighbourhood from the wild temper of his boss, a man so privileged and untouchable he may as well be royalty. Michael knows that if he doesn’t get the heart back, there will be trouble for his community.

Responding to the commotion is city cop Oscar Navarro, who also shared his childhood with Michael and Toni. Part of a police department that is somewhere between a joke and a nursery for wannabe gangsters, Oscar is ambitious and insistently self-interested. He soon realises that if he can get the heart back, a grateful Ray-D will welcome him into the gangland inner-circle he longs to become part of.

As Michael and Oscar give chase across the city they soon realise their target is Toni and have to ask themselves if new loyalties trump old, if ambition is enough to flush away friendship and if who they want to be means more than where they came from.

In one crazy night, Toni, Oscar and Michael will discover what they are willing to risk for family, clan and aspiration in a city where you carve out your stake any way you can!

Creative Team

Fraser Campbell is the writer of comics Alex Automatic, Sleeping Dogs, and The Edge Off and publishes work under the Cabal Comics imprint. His comic Alex Automatic (with artist James Corcoran) won best UK Single Issue at Edinburgh Comic Con in 2017.

Katie Fleming is a comic artist and werewolf enthusiast from Dublin, Ireland and has created titles such as 100 Times, Vampire Café and As We Go.

Rebecca Horner is an artist and colourist and a workshop leader at Dundee Creative Space, which encourages creative learning through comics. She is also involved with Dundee based Ink Pot Studios.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is a writer, letterer, filmmaker and a two-time Eisner nominated editor for his magazine, PanelxPanel, deep diving into how comics are created every month. He is also behind every comic process junkie’s favourite You Tube series, Strip Panel Naked.

Harry French is a writer and editor from Bristol, England. He created the celebrated indie cult classic Freak Out Squares (with artist Garry Mac) and his recent thriller one-shot Slow Shutter (with artist Elliot Balson) was nominated as one of the best comics of the year at Glasgow Comic Con’s SICBA Awards. He also edits Alex Automatic.

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