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Batman: Universe (2019-) #1 Following the theft of a priceless Fabergé egg, the Riddler leads the Dark Knight on a wild hunt after its true owner: Jinny Hex, descendant of Jonah Hex!
  New Releases  
  Event Leviathan (2019-) #2
  Elephantmen 2261 Season Two #3 (of 4): The Pentalion Job (comiXology Originals)
  Amazing Spider-Man (2018-) #25
  Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II #1
  Catwoman (2018-) #13
  Second Coming #1
  Giant-Size X-Statix (2019) #1
  Unearth #1
  Wonder Twins (2019-) #6
  Invisible Woman (2019-) #1 (of 5)
  Lola XOXO Vol. 3 #1
  Criminal (2019-) #6
New Series for fans of *Dragon Ball* and other fight manga! No One Left to Fight #1
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  Graphic Novels & Collections  
  Red Hood: Outlaw (2016-) Vol. 1: Requiem for an Archer
  Suicide Squad: Katana: The Revenge of Kobra
  Incursion Vol. 1
  Strangelands #1
Indie New Releases featuring Jonathan Luna’s The Crescent! See All
  Digital Firsts    
  Spooky Girls: Jenny the Werecat #1
  Infinity: A Tale of the Inferno #1
  Khor’s Land
  Broken Bear
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Skybound  Sale: up to 60% off! | Ends 7/14
Marvel Massive Spider-Man Sale: up to 67% off! | Ends 7/15
Image Jonathan Hickman Sale: up to 62% off! | Ends 7/14
DC One Sale: up to 92% off! | Ends 7/15
Avatar Linewide Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 8/1
Dynamite Vampirella Sale: up to 60% off! | Ends 7/22
Fantagraphics Linewide Sale: up to 60% off! | Ends 8/1
Ahoy Comics  Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 7/10
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Comic Previews

Digital First Preview: Lucifer’s Knight #1

March 31, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

Action Lab: Danger Zone has a new series starting this week – Lucifer’s Knight. It’s a digital-first exclusive and available on ComiXology this week. Begin a supernatural action-adventure about high schoolers fighting demons in LUCIFER’S […]

Comic Notes

Dynamite Add More Free #1’s

March 31, 2020 Michael Nimmo 0

In addition to the issue #1’s Dynamite Entertainment have going free, they have now added a second wave of free issues.                  Wave Two: -Alice Cooper #1 -Barbarella #1 -Centipede #1 -Chaos #1 […]

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