Previews: Danger Doll Squad Presents & Null Faeries

Action Lab: Danger Zone have two collections out this week in print and digitally – Danger Doll Squad Presents Amalgama Lives & Null Faeries

Writer(s): Jason Martin

Artist Name(s): Winston Young, Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Winston Young 

Spinning out of the events of the last Danger Doll Squad series, it’s the origin story of the all new fan-favorite mash-up character, Amalgama, who commands the powers of Zombie Tramp, Vampblade, and DollFace combined! Amalgama Lives sets the stage for all-new Danger Doll universe cosmic adventures to come in the August debuting Amalgama: Space Zombie ongoing series!!

Collects issues 1-4 of the Danger Doll Universe event series!

96 pgs./ M / FC$14.99

Writer(s): Chad Cicconi
Artist Name(s): Chad Cicconi (pencils, inks), Federico Sioc, Jr. (colors), Adam Wollet (letters)
Cover Artist(s): Sorah Suhng

Our tale begins with Ionantha Hesperis, a faerie felled by a cursed blade and stripped of her powers. But when the queen’s pixie dust shipment is hijacked, Ionantha  is called in to solve the case of the century! This deluxe collection includes the complete first story of the Null Faeries.  Featuring a mature, intelligent female protagonist, this story will resonate with fans of high fantasy, sword and sorcery, faerie tales, and action adventure.

184 pgs./ T+ / FC$14.99

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