Reviews: Gretel, Robyn Hood: Outlaw & Hellchild: Blood Money

Two mini series complete this week. Robyn Hood: Outlaw #6 and Gretel #5 & Hellchild: Blood Money #4 from Zenescope Entertainment this week.

Gretel #5

Gretel, with Calabar in tow, comes face-to-face with Tituba, the witch who murdered Hansel and cursed Gretel. But, Tituba has secret information up her sleeve about both Samuel’s dark history and Gretel’s true purpose. Will Gretel be able to stop Tituba before she can exact her apocalyptic plan? And after her world is destroyed by Tituba’s revelations, will she even care to save ours?

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Allan Otero | Ceci de la Cruz

The showdown between the Witch and the Witch Hunter. We discover the secrets of why Gretel was taught, why she was chosen and there is a good magical battle. I like the way it all finished off, with a new beginning, and some new allies. I’m not sure if this will bring Gretel into the wider GFT universe, but she seems to be a good fit. Maybe she’ll go back to Europe? There are some more flashbacks in this issue, but they are short and only reinforce what we’ve seen and help to explain. I good new mini series!

Robyn Hood: Outlaw #6

As Election Day arrives, Robyn finds that her world has been turned upside down as she risks everything to defend the life of someone she barely knows in hopes of finding the cure to save Gengrich’s life. Don’t miss this final issue of Robyn Hood: Outlaw as the friends, enemies, and decisions she makes will change her life forever!

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis | Juan Manuel Rodriguez

A nice conclusion to the story. While not finishing up all the loose ends, it has a lot of endings. The final battle was well done, with Robyn doing what she does best. She seems to have gained some allies, and maybe a few new enemies. The final page makes an interesting read and leads us to what will be the next part of the larger story arc. One I only really clicked with in this issue.
I’m looking forward to the next story arc!

Hellchild: Blood Money #4

After Angelica and Jenny are taken hostage by the hosts of the creepy masquerade party, they wonder what’s in store for them next. But nothing could prepare them for the sadistic auction that is about to take place. With little time and up against insurmountable odds, Angelica must figure a way out of her impossible situation before it’s too late.

Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artwork: Butch Mapa | Dijjo

There’s a little bit of a loose end here, but in all this was a satisfying conclusion. I like the build up to the action in this issue. Although the action was very fast paced and violent, it fit right in with the story. The auction was very interesting too, and something a little different to what was expected. Hellchild seems to have a bit of a power up, but it leaves her drained – that may come in helpful in the future. There were some good lines in this and I think this issue rescued the mini series well, as I was getting a little ‘meh’ about it!

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