Reviews: Mystere & Oz: Heart Of Magic

A new series begins and a current mini series ends with my thoughts on these releases from Zenescope Entertainment.

Mystere #1

Mary Medina has been through a lot. Born with the ability to raise the dead, she has had many adventures-both as Mary and her alter-ego, Mystere-across the Grimm Universe. But now, Mary is content to leave her life as Mystere behind her. However, when mysterious deaths begin popping up too close to home, Mary must become Mystere once again to stop the horror that is being unleashed on her newfound home!

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Sergio Arino

I new series starring Mystere, with the status quo hinted at in the Grimm Universe special. Mary has a new role in life. She has a place to live and a place to work. She is helping people in her ‘civilian’ life. It works well and makes the character more human. I like the way this built up, and you can see the conflict in what she does, and what she is. There is a nice sneaking inevitability of the threat that is coming, and it seems that is linked directly to Mystere. This will be an interesting read!

Oz: Heart Of Magic #5

Even with the aid of some unexpected forces, Dorothy and her friends are losing the fight to reclaim the Emerald City. To finally defeat the Wizard, Dorothy must risk losing herself once again to the Gem of Zamora. And there must always be a balance to magic. So, even if the Emerald City is restored to its glory, what will be the cost to Oz itself?

Writer: Terry Kavanagh
Artwork: Marcelo Mueller

Finishing off the mini series, we get a reset of the status quo. There are a lot of interesting things to come out of all of this though. We get Dorothy going through her motions and using her magic well (it was a nice reversal) as well as some hints towards the future. I like the mix with Talos, and the death of some characters.
The ending gives us a good teaser of what is to come too!

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