Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales & GTOT Halloween 2019

Some thoughts on Grimm Fairy Tales: Odyssy #32 and a Grimm Tales Of Terror Halloween 2019 special from Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales: Odyssy #32

As Skye makes a stop on her journey, new information is revealed. With a deadly threat on the horizon, Skye will need the help of old allies if she hopes to make it through the coming war of Neverland!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Martin Coccolo

Skye voices what we may have been thinking in this quest. Why is she getting attacked all the time? We may begin to get some answers here, with a very vague teaser at the beginning – it looks like Camelot may be coming back! Meanwhile, on Neverland Skye is getting up to speed. First we get a good story about the armour that Skye seeks – it was very interesting and fills in some gaps in the knowledge! Meanwhile, in the now, Neverland is under attack and Belle needs some help. Although hesitant at first, Skye relents and it looks like she’s involved in a war! That may not be a good thing, as we discover what the invaders are up to!
This was a good issue that moves the story on well and gives us some good historical information. I’m looking forward to it moving on more!

Grimm Tales Of Terror Halloween 2019

Back for another year of nightmare-inducing stories, Zenescope Presents the Grimm Tales of Terror Halloween Special! Join Keres, the Goddess of Death, as she takes up shop at a local costume store aimed to punish those unlucky enough to be worthy of her wrath in this small college town. Introducing three new short stories, just in time for the horror season! 

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Igor Vitorino

Three horror stories from the pages of Grimm Tales Of Terror for Halloween!

Evil Tattoos is a good monster story with a nicer ending (sort of) and a good moral to the story. It was telegraphed well with some nice designs too. I like the way it finished.

Cat and Mouse is an interesting story with a more GTOT twist. The monster is more plural! I like the slower buildup to it all, and the ending was a great finish!

The Hunter deals with the hunt, it’s a really good buildup, with a nice twist that I didn’t see coming until a certain panel! The story being told was well done, with some nice grimm humour!

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