Reviews: Mystere & The Watcher From Zenescope

Some thoughts below on two of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Mystere #2 & The Watcher #3 – out now!

Mystere #2

Through her volunteer work at a local homeless shelter, Mary Medina has been attempting to make her life about something other than death. But when the corpse of a homeless man is discovered with his soul sucked from his body, Mary begins investigating rumors of a mysterious and murderous Blacksmith. Will she be able to put the pieces together before the Blacksmith claims another soul?

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Sergio Arino

The Mary/Mystere mix is very well done in this issue, and you understand why Mary wants to scale that part of her life back. It looks as though life isn’t going to let her. With attacks on homeless people, and the death of one she knew, things are coming closer to home. Mary is set on investigating, and she knows that there is something wrong – the pieces are falling into place nicely. Not only do we seem to get a good fight scene for next issue, but probably some of the answers (although not all) as we get to the midway point.
Although it was short on action, this issue kept me hooked quite well!

The Watcher #3

Reeling from her disturbing discovery, Erica must race to uncover the true identity of the killer before the town’s death toll climbs any higher. But with Tamra and Chris in more danger than they know, and her parents unwilling to believe, who can Erica trust with her secret? As her 18th birthday approaches, Erica finally figures out what has been haunting her dreams -and the reality is more terrifying than any nightmare.

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Sergio Arino

Finishing off this mini-series and this wraps (almost) everything up nicely. I liked the discovery in this issue, and the build up and action is well done. There’s some classic horror and I like the way it all finished off.
There is some nice scope for a sequel to this story, and that would be interesting…

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