Spotlight: Fight Your Friends

Fight Your Friends is a fast-paced tabletop card game that features characters from a variety of independent comic books. Players use gold to purchase characters and build a collection of ten fighters from the three classes: The Network, The Society, and The Tribe. Featured artists include Bill Reinhold (Punisher), Shawn Coss (Cyanide & Happiness), and Ashley Witter (X-23, Doctor Aphra, Squarriors), and it demoed at C2E2 to high praise and positive feedback. 

From Cold War and excellent looking game for you to build a crew and fight your friends!

This looks great – it can only be a short game, it says 10 minutes, and with 10 cards. The game play looks really easy to play, and the artwork is excellent!
Check out the details at
I’m going to get a copy and play my own!!

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