Reviews: Mystere, Unbound & Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau

One series finishes, one hits the midway point and one begins with Mystere #5, Unbound #3 & Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau #1 from Zenescope Entertainment

Mystere #5

Mary has been betrayed and imprisoned in the Woman in Black’s underground lair, and has been given a choice: use Mystere’s powers of necromancy to do the Woman in Black’s bidding, or face the Blacksmith’s soul-sucking hammer. Will Mary find a way to destroy this evil-and immortal-woman, or will she succumb to the grave circumstances she’s found herself in? Find out in this pulse-stopping finale!

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Sergio Arino

Completing the arc very well. Mary is more accepting of her role. She seems to have been fighting it too much. There were some nice story beats here, although, some of them were obvious. I like the use of her ‘friends’ and the details about the potential dangers to the world and her. This stops Mystere from being too powerful, and a possible plot device if she does it again.
The finish is well told with a question mark at the end – Mary has found her place.

Unbound #3

Lukas tells Marna about his encounter with the masked killer who calls himself X. Marna tells Lukas it’s not the first time she’s heard about him and believes she knows where to find him.
Meanwhile, X kidnaps another victim and begins to torture him. Marna and Lukas arrive to witness the horrible event and attempt to stop X… But are they ready to face such a powerful evil?

Writer: Ralph Tedesco
Artwork: Oliver Borges

As this issue hits the midway point we get to learn more about the in-game dynamics of the Ether. There’s a lot of character moments here, with Marna and Lukas working things out together. They do get some action, but most of the action is at the end with the mysterious villain.
The stakes have really raised up, with some interesting parts at the end – next issue should give us some answers!

Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau

Still on the run, Red and Avril are lured out of hiding by RUBICON – a sinister government agency that has taken the place of the Highborn Initiative. In order to clear their names, they must track down the woman responsible for an attack on a high-tech genetics lab: Dr. Helena Moreau, and her vicious animal/human hybrids. Don’t miss the beginning of this exciting new series, inspired by H.G. Wells’ classic novel!

Writer: Brian Studler
Artwork: Jason Muhr

Red and Avril seemed to have things sorted – they may not be on the run anymore, but to get to this point they just have a mission. The title is a clue, and we get our fair share of hybrids! There is a lot of action in this issue, but it doesn’t feature too much of Red and Avril. It does look like in the next issue there will be some for them.
The mission seems interesting enough, and I don’t trust RUBICON – I’d be surprised if Red and Avril do as well.
A good start for fans of the characters and not a bad place for new readers to jump in!

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