Reviews: Two Transformers Comics!

There are Two Transformers comics out this week from IDW Publishing – here are my thoughts on them all!

Transformers 100-Page Giant: Power of the Predacons

Prepare to be terrorized by this collection of the Predacons’ finest moments! Collecting stories from Transformers UK #135-136, Transformers UK Annual 1987Beast Wars: The Gathering #1, Transformers Spotlight Jazz, and the never before republished Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus 2016 BotCon exclusive comic!

John-Paul Bove (Author) Simon Furman (Author) Josh Van Reyk (Author) Shaun Knowler (Author) Corin Howell (Artist) Don Figueroa (Artist, Cover Artist) E.J. Su (Artist)

‘Spotlight Jazz’ doesn’t just spotlight Jazz, but adds to the reputation of the Predacons. Nicely done and a good tale with some real heart in it. It’s nice to see what Jazz can do and I like the way this was all set up.
Dawn Of The Predacus jumps some generations with a end-of-war story with Galvatron and Optimus dead. There is a lot of building up here and some good fight scenes.
Beast Wars: The Gathering jumps to another generation – in the future as well as the past – the Beast Wars begin!
What’s In A Name – I remember this one, it has one of the Predacons and one of the Dinobots. I loved this story and still do!
Grudge Match – I didn’t know there was a follow up though!

Transformers: Valentine’s Day Special

Bookish Glyph wants a challenge—to do work for xeno-relations, not just data analysis. Athletic Tap-Out needs a challenge—his boxing career isn’t working out so well. When one mission presents both of them a chance to meet new challenges head-on, will they be able to lift each other up to the task or will they just get in each other’s way?

Patrick Ehlers (Author) Kate Leth (Author) Cohen Edenfield (Author) Jack Lawrence (Artist) Sara Pitre-Durocher (Artist) Jack Lawrence (Cover Artist)

Because of the war, you never really think about Transformers having relationships. Obviously they aren’t biological, but these stories were really well told.
There are two different ‘bots dealing with each other and their differences. It’s a story about discovery and language too. I like the way they both come round to what’s what.
Then we have a story about Cosmos – one of my favourite Autobots and how lonely he is out in space.

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