ComiXology Price Rises

So, ComiXology has put up its prices.

Not a complete shock, I think most of us were expecting this – ComiXology UK had been cheaper and subsidised. Now, it seems they want to make up the losses made. The prices are now 1:1 Pound to the dollar.

That means, for example, DC Comics Strange Adventures #1 is $4.99 digitally from the DC Comics web store. On ComiXology UK/Amazon it is £4.99. The current exchange rate means that $4.99 is £3.82

Needless to say, there are a lot of upset people.

Alasdair Stuart has already written an interesting article about it.

It does seem that it is the US print comics that are affected by this price change. ComiXology Originals, Euro Comics and Manga don’t seem to be affected.

Is this going to lead to an increase in pirated comics? I think we all agree that this helps no-one.

I’ve reached out to ComiXology to see what their side of the story is.

What Other Options Are There?

This is the difficult part. ComiXology/Amazon have a near-monopoly on digital comics.
There are other options being banded around though.

Direct From Publishers/Creators
You can get digital comics from DriveThruComics – various publishers. Or there are the likes of Fair Spark Books or 2000 AD where you can get digital comics directly.
Independent creators also have their own stores – Gum Road, Big Cartel etc.

An excellent subscription service that supports independent creators.

Marvel Unlimited
Subscription-based digital comics, not day-and-date though.

Other Publisher Apps
Dark Horse Comics have their own app – Dark Horse Digital. This features Dark Horse and Dynamite Digital Comics.

Get a US ComiXology account.
Possible, with a VPN and a US account. The general consensus seems to be against this though.

As this situation develops, I will try to promote more independent digital comics, outside of the mainstream. I’m sure there is more to come from this.

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