Review: Wall Breakers

A sci-fi one-shot available on ComiXology, DriveThruComics and Google Play.

Hot, noisy, and ruthless. New York is suffering one of its worst heatwaves in history. An average joe comes across a mysterious object of occult origin; accidentally unleashing an enemy of pure, unrelenting evil! They are many, and he but one. Can he survive the hunt? Find out in Wall Breakers, a hard-hitting, non-stop, action-adventure, a one-shot comic from SnowyWorks Publications.

Author & Artist – Jorge Zevallos

This is a pretty fast moving, action packed one-shot.

It starts off slower, with a good build up. One thing I did enjoy is the return of thought bubbles. There is occasionally talk online of the lack of them in comics and this is a good use of them. I can’t imagine the exposition being said out loud.

Once the action starts, it doesn’t stop until the end. I like that this is a one-shot, but there is no full explanation of the why. The questions left unanswered are a nice part of this story – it gets left to your imagination.

The action and the attacks are fast paced and non-stop, with monsters, police and car chases. The moving of the plot was well done and I like the way it is moved on.

In the background, the general public and others are excellent, part oblivious to what is going on. They really fit.

I like the black and white artwork and it really takes me back to the old days of 2000 AD. The movement of the story and urgency is really well shown.

Harking back to 2000 AD, this has real Future Shock vibes, but here it is well told over a longer story.

You can get Wall Breakers digitally on ComiXology, DriveThruComics and Google.

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