Review: Doctor Aphra #3

January 20, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

  This was a highly entertaining and interesting issue. We get the fallout of the rebel attack on the Death Star at Yavin IV. The Empire are mopping up after the destruction of the Death […]

Review: 2000 AD – Prog 2014

January 19, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on this weeks 2000 AD Deep In The Heart continues Judge Dredds’ journey around Texas-City – you can tell he doesn’t like the marshals idea of justice and things aren’t going to end […]

Review: Lucifer #14

January 19, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

  We’ve got a mad God, demons, angels and the humans are stuck in the middle. There’s quite a lot going on here. We’ve got Lucifer planning (or scheming), Gabriel trying to get himself in […]

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