Review: 2000AD – Prog 1854

October 16, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Flesh, Aquila and Damnation Station – plus how many references can you see on that cover!   The final part of Judge Dredd – New Tricks is a fun read, with […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1853

October 9, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

You can read a preview of this issue here! Dino’s are always a good way to bring in readers! New Trick continues in Judge Dredd and we glean some more information about the two new Judges – […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1852

October 2, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

An excellent cover highlighting the events going on on the current arc of Brass Sun! Judge Dredd kicks us off as usual with the continuation under Mega City One. I’m enjoying this one and the […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1851

September 25, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

An excellent cover with the art jumping off the shelf, and will show up in the newsstand well! Continuing on from last weeks Judge Dredd we get a look at the underside of Mega City […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1850

September 18, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

This is an excellent jumping on point for new readers!   As a jumping on point for new readers we get four new stories this week! And a pretty crazy cover too! Judge Dredd starts […]

Jump On Board 2000AD With Prog 1850

September 17, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

JUMP ON BOARD WITH 2000 AD! ALL-NEW STORIES MAKE PROG 1850  THE PERFECT START FOR NEW READERS! A clockpunk solar system, trigger-happy cowboys fighting rampaging dinosaurs, harsh justice in a gritty dystopia, and space soldiers fighting for an […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1849

September 13, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Leading up to next weeks jumping on point this weeks 2000AD ties up some loose ends…. Now that’s a dark and graphic cover for Slaine! Judge Dredd finishes the story ‘Bender’ with the over zealous Judge looking […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1848

September 4, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

. Gods and Monsters! Dredd: Bender  Mega-City One, 2130 AD. This vast urban nightmare on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to 400 million citizens, every one a potential criminal. With lawlessness […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1845

August 18, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

This weeks 2000AD features a new Judge Dredd story and is available to buy on iTunes in the Newsstand or at 2000AD Online   A suitably dark and action packed cover of Dredd this week! […]

Review: Trifecta

August 16, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Available digitally from the 2000AD online store – this combines the crossover in last years excellent crossover in 2000AD! [singlepic id=1045 w=320 h=240 float=none] THERE ARE THREE SIDES TO EVERY STORY! Mega-City One, 2134 AD. […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1844

August 13, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

The return of Slaine with variant covers in this weeks issue of 2000AD, and it looks good! Judge Dredd mops up the remains of the Godcity in Scavengers with some nice humour and a decent […]

Preview: 2000AD – Prog 1843

July 30, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Prog 1843 of 2000AD is available this week in print and digitally! In Judge Dredd there’s part two of Scavengers which deals with the aftermath of the ‘God City’, Defoe in The Damned make a decision on the offer […]

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