Review: 2000AD – Prog 1807

November 4, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

2000AD continue with their brilliant run of excellent covers with this Prog! Judge Dredd continues with some excellent political shenanigans with Dreddgetting caught up – we can see it, but he can’t! I enjoy these […]

Review: 2000AD Prog 1804

October 12, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

With three stories continuing and two new stories from Mega City 1, we have a nice rounded issue this week from 2000AD. The Judge Dredd story ‘Asleep’ starts off making you thinking about one way […]

Review: 2000AD Prog 1802

September 29, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

We continue with the fallout from the Chaos Bug and the lead into a new epic in the life of Judge Dredd! First things first though – how brilliant is that cover? As mentioned above, […]

Review: 2000AD Prog 1800

September 12, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

This is an excellent point to start for any new or returning readers! To kick of this new round of stories we get a new story from Judge Dredd – fresh off the success of his awesome […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1789

July 5, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

Chaos Day is over and now we have the aftermath! Judge Dredd kicks off with The Days After with a rundown of what the result of Chaos Day has been. There’s a nice clean slate being made here […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1786

June 13, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

One of 2000AD’s strengths is the introduction of stories and pace of the changes that happen. If you missed a few, or took some time off reading, it doesn’t take you long to get back […]

Review: 2000AD – Prog 1784

May 23, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

2000AD continues the fire theme with Gorehead raising hell on the front cover! Judge Dredd, Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction starts of the fire theme with the Judges trying to get to grips with the Chaos […]

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