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Comixology Update Their Apps – No More In-App Purchases On iOS

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Published on: April 26, 2014

Is this a hangover from Amazon? Or Something else? For me it does take a little away from the ease of purchase. Android: We’ve made changes to our Google Play Android Comics App so please, update to version 3.6. In this new version we have a new comiXology in-app purchase system and a great new cart[…]

Dark Horse app

Get Dark Horse Comics On The iBooks Store!

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Published on: June 26, 2013

You can now get Dark Horse Comics on Apple’s iBooks! With today’s announcement that Dark Horse graphic novels are available on the iBookstore (iTunes.com/DarkHorseComics), Dark Horse is now one of the most widely distributed comics publishers digitally. Dark Horse digital graphic novels are now available for purchase on the iBookstore, featuring over two hundred top titles,[…]

Comixology home screen 3.0

Comixology Remove Titles From Apple Apps

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Published on: May 21, 2013

Following all the furore over the lateness of Saga being released on the iPhone or iPad due to Comixology worrying about if it would get through Apple’s age related policy. Comixology have had to remove some titles from being bought through their apps. Titles include Sex, The Boys: Herogasm and more. Fear not though, you[…]

dark horse

Dark Horse Backlog In iOS Purchases

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Published on: January 11, 2013

I’ve been wanting to get the new Brian Wood ‘Star Wars’ title on my iPad and thought the reason I couldn’t was because of the delay there is sometimes from US to UK. It turns out that there’s a bit of a backlog for the titles being approved by Apple for iOS devices. Digital fans, we[…]


IDW Publishing’s “Doctor Who” Collection Now Available on the iBookstore

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Published on: March 7, 2012

IDW already have a good presence of titles on iBooks, so the addition of Doctor Who can only do good! San Diego, CA (March 6, 2012)— IDW Publishing, a leader in digital comics, is proud to announce seven Doctor Who graphic novels are now available on the iBookstore. Including the Doctor Who graphic novels, IDW now offers over 40[…]


Get The Walking Dead From Image Comics On iBooks!

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Published on: February 9, 2012

This in from Image Comics THE WALKING DEAD GOES LIVE ON iBOOKS THE WALKING DEAD is a best-selling comic, became an acclaimed television series on AMC, and now Robert Kirkman’s creation expands its pop culture empire as it becomes the first Image Comics title to be available on Apple’s iBooks. Readers wanting a digital reading[…]


Marvel Day & Date Delayed On iOS

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Published on: January 4, 2012

It looks like there are some unforseen problems with the day and date titles on iOS today for Comixology:   Luckily there is a work around!   And you can still get your Marvel titles on Android and Kindle Fire  


Thrill Electric Coming To Your Apple Device

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Published on: November 23, 2011

It’s so nice when creators talk to us – that is one of the good things about Twitter and the like. The people in question this time? John Reppion & Leah More who are behind Thrill Electric and have graced my shelves with a brilliant telling of Dracula. All it took from me was a[…]

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Graphicly Provide Comics On The Newsstand On iOS 5

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Published on: October 13, 2011

A slick move by Graphicly, which is going to push my digital comics buying over the edge! Yesterday, iPhone and iPad owners excitingly downloaded and installed iOS 5, the latest version of the operating system for those devices. In addition to the all the great updates, iOS 5 includes the rollout of the Newsstand, a[…]


Devil’s Due: Fubar Zombie War Comics On iOS, Android & Amazon

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Published on: September 20, 2011

Devil’s Due are brining new comics to not only Android and Apple, but now to the Amazon App Store. There are some links to the bottom of the piece, or scan the QR code with your smartphone! FUBAR BRINGS ZOMBIE WAR COMICS TO THE APPLE APP STORE, ANDROID MARKETPLACE, AND AMAZON APP STORE. “We have[…]


Some More Of IDW’s iBooks Launch

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Published on: September 8, 2011

After IDW’s big announcement about their iBooks lauch, here is some more information about it: First from MacWorld: Some of IDW’s releases, like theRocketeer series, were originally released as single-issue comics; for the iBooks release, the issues have been bundled together for a more cohesive story. The company is also releasing a brand-new graphic novel based[…]


IDW Graphic Novels Debut on Apple iBooks

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Published on: September 7, 2011

IDW are being ground breaking again – I don’t know why any of the others haven’t done this! First major comics publisher to offer iBook graphic novels and comics for the iPadâ„¢, iPhone®, and iPod touch® San Diego, CA (September 7, 2011)—Continuing to lead the charge of digital comics, IDW Publishing, a leader in digital[…]


Apple’s Price Changes Alter International Prices

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Published on: July 14, 2011

Apple have made some changes to their international pricing, so this means that the comics we buy change in price. As I understand it, Comixology choose what price tier a comic is and Apple translate this across the app store to the local currency. So a comic which used to cost 59p (the equivalent of a $0.99 comic) now[…]


IDW: Suicide Girls, Doctor Who & Transformers…

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Published on: June 29, 2011

All new this week for your Apple products: The Pound #3, Kill Shakespeare #11, Suicide Girls #2, Dungeons & Dragons #7, Doctor Who Ongoing Vol. 2 #6, G.I. JOE #2, and TRANSFORMERS Ongoing #20!     The Pound #3 Stephan Nilson (w) Karl Waller (a) Part 3 of 5! Two unemployed, municipal animal control specialists discover[…]


IDW: Pocket God, Doctor Who & More

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Published on: June 1, 2011

This week get Jericho, Doctor Who: A Fairy Tale Life, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun, and Pocket God Infestation! Jericho Season 3 #5 Matt Sturges (w) Kelly Yates, Mark Buckingham (a) (Part 2 of 4) What’s better: an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? This is the question the Doctor is forced to confront in a[…]

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