Review: Batman #11

July 14, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

This issue sees the end of the Court of Owls arc. With Batman fighting his “brother”. We get a lot of action in this issue as the Talon and Batman fight all over. The issue […]

Review: Batman Incorporated #2

June 30, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

Grant Morisson’s Batman series continues on and makes some backstory for those to catch up. This is Talia: The Early Years. I enjoyed this issue, and hopes it helps lead well into the bigger story. […]

Short Review: Batman & Robin #10

June 19, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

The ‘War of the Robins’ doesn’t really interest me, but the characters introduced at the beginning do. The though of a group brought together, because the thing they have in common is the deformities through […]

Short Review: Batman #10

June 19, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

Batman continues to be an excellent read, and this issue gives us an excellent read towards the final issue of this story. The internet is full of spoilers, so if you’re online you can probably […]

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