Review: Welderkin #1

February 4, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

Some thoughts on the first issue of Welderkin from Comicker Digital WELDERKIN Chapter 1 by Jordan Alsaqa & Joni Miller Burtonwood is full of strange occurrences: intense fires, odd metallic structures, and a long history […]

Kyrie #9 Out Now From Comicker

January 24, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

The latest issue of Kyrie is out now digitally from Comicker Digital KYRIE #9 by Matt Crotts A curious band of thieves and cutthroats attempt to outsmart the North African authorities, while navigating their own […]

Review: DevilSkin

October 27, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

DEVILSKIN by David Accampo & Chris Anderson From the creators of LOST ANGELS comes “DevilSkin” — a spooky halloween short in the style of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE!  When Jimmy Crowder […]

Review: Chimera #7

October 20, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

Their numbers reduced, the stranded fugitives deal with loss and regret as foes close in from all sides. Written and Art by Tyler Ellis After the gut punches of the last issue, we get a […]

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