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Panel: Atomic Robo Vol 4 #3

October 12, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

From the Atomic Robo series ‘Other Strangeness’ This is the comic which explains why Robo hates Dr Dinosaur! To be honest I would like to post the whole comic as it has many moments like […]

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Panel: Invincible #61

October 6, 2010 Michael Nimmo 1

It’s been a while since I dud one of these – I’ve nearly caught up with Invincible and this is the end panel of #61 Invincible meets Conquest! Awesome – Posted using BlogPress from my […]

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Spotlight: Battle Pope

October 1, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Battle Pope is available on the Image app. Currently only issues #1-#5 are available of the 14 issue series. Written by Robert Kirkman and art by Tony Moore, Battle Pope is a God-Powered pope who […]

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Spotlight: Street Code #1

August 22, 2010 Michael Nimmo 1

Street Code #1 is available free from Zuda on the DC and Comixology apps. This isn’t usually my type of comic. The art is passible and the subject is ok. But I found myself swiping […]

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Panel: JLA #1

August 21, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Just read Grant Morrison’s first issue of JLA. I’d heard a lot about his run and have finally got round to reading it. One question though – where The Hyperclan were executing criminals….. Is that […]

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Panels: The Anchor

August 18, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Some panels from Boom! Studio’s The Anchor – there is a free preview available on the Comixology app. There’s going to be a lot more of these posts, highlighting comics available… Another page where the […]

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