Clown Commandos Enlist Fans for Clown Sounds!

The popular iPhone comic app turns “talkies” while fans get a chance to add their own sound effects!

Dallas, TX – September 1 st , 2011 – Clown Commandos was the first iPhone comic book app to offer real sound effects. Just tap the comic book sound effect and hear every  BAM!   SPLAT!  and  BOOM!  Now, fans of the innovative series get to SOUND OFF by submitting their own sounds with the official  Clown Commandos Sound Effect Contest!

The contest kicks off a couple of drastic changes to the ongoing series:

The first big change begins with Issue #6 (released today). Clown Commandos brings back “talkies”! Just as the silent film era evolved, so does this digital comic series by making all the  dialogue  live. Now readers can hear their favorite characters deliver the lines!

             “We had  some  recorded dialogue before,” says co-creator Scott McFadden. “But  they were sprinkled throughout the issues, more like Easter Eggs. But we had so  much fun making them that we decided to record dialogue for the entire series.”

“But what about past issues?” you may ask.

Well, that brings us to the  second  big upgrade for the series. Over the next few months, past issues will be updated! They will each have their own dialogue added… and more!

               “We’re totally going to ‘George Lucas’ the earlier issues,” says co-creator Michael Anthony Steele. “And by that, we mean that we’re going to update them with what we know now: adding more sounds, different transitions, more storytelling tricks… everything we’ve learned along the way. All the elements that make our comic book app unique.”

All of the upgrades will be… free! If you’ve already purchased a particular issue, you can update that issue at no additional cost. You’ll be alerted as to the issue’s updatable status in the app’s main menu.

You can also stay in the loop with all Clown Commandos updates and news via the official blog:

To the uninitiated, Clown Commandos is a unique, funny, and surprisingly deep new comic series. It covers a squad of heroes from an alternate universe where clowns actually evolved into elite soldiers. Now these heroes must survive in our reality where clowns are known as bumbling buffoons. A reality where the rubber nose is NOT a badge of honor.

Part G.I. Joe, part Ninja Turtles, and part Batman, these juxtaposed heroes fight crime while searching for a way home. But watch out–they take themselves  very  seriously while doing it. To them, there’s nothing funny about being a clown. And therein lies the heart of the series’ humor. No matter what kind of life or death struggle, no matter how evil the villain, Clown Commandos think nothing of taking down the bad guys with a well-aimed rubber chicken or a pie to the face.

The innovative comic book app was one of the first to include interactive sound effects, story-driven transitions, and a series written  specifically  for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

If you’re ready to fight crime, thwart evildoers, and generally save the day (all while wearing red floppy boots), then enlist now and download the app in the Apple iTunes store here:

Visit the official website:  or follow these painted heroes on Twitter:!/clowncommandos  and Facebook:



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