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Free Product of the Week

Tales of the Starlight Drive-In #1
by Visionary Comics

Writer Mike San Giacomo presents 32 stories taking place over 50 years at a Drive-In Theater, featuring 21 artists from around the world. Mirroring life and the cinema with tales of crime, romance, science fiction, musicals, even a western, each stand-alone story combines to create a single novel with a powerful, shocking finale you won’t forget!

Other Featured Titles

The Lone and Level Sands
by Archaia Entertainment LLC

Pharaoh Ramses II hasn’t seen his long-lost cousin Moses in nearly forty years. Yet while pressed by the Hittites to the North and construction delays in the South, Ramses must make time for this ancient desert rascal, the long-ago mystery he represents, and the impossible demands of an alien deity. Drawing on the Bible, the Qur’an, and historical sources, writer A. David Lewis (Mortal Coils) and artist Marvin Perry Mann (Arcana Jayne) present a retelling of the Book of Exodus through the eyes of the man who is either its greatest leader or its worst villain: a man trying to rule wisely, love his family well, and deal justly in the face of a divine wrath. Originally published in b&w by Caption Box, ASP is proud to present a new full-color edition with coloring by Jennifer Rodgers.


$17.95 $9.99

The Stormchasers #1
by Unstoppable Comics

The Stormchasers fantastic first issue finds the team as they try to stop the escaped monster Grimfang. Anchored in Carribean and Central American mythology, The Stormchasers has a multi national cast that gives many readers someone to associate with.



Epoch #5
by Top Cow


Fully embracing his Archangel heritage, Detective Jonah Wright has brutally battled his way through the ancient tournament, EPOCH. Now, finally, he has an opportunity to confront the murderer of his dead partner, Michael, and exact his own brand of justice. Will Jonah triumph and maintain the Angels’ benevolent control over the Supernatural Council, or will he become just another body left on the tournament floor?

As a special bonus get The Iron Saint #1 free from Top Cow and!



Pick of the Week

Dragon Arms I: Blood and Steel #1
by Antarctic Press

Millennia ago, the Dragon Kings held the world in their iron grip. The most powerful warriors waged a final battle against these monsters and freed Humanity. Now a new breed of warriors must destroy the corrupt heroes of old, who have become as hideous and tyrannical as the kings they once overthrew. Five legendary heroes have been assembled by the ancient wizard Anrack, who instructs them in the use of The Dragon Arms-powerful, ageless weapons. But even new blood and steel may not be enough to topple the indestructible might of timeless masters of death!In the tradition of Lord of the Rings, Bastard!, and Dark Angel comes the ultimate tale of swords and sorcery. Featuring stunning art from visionary artist David Hutchison, the best-selling creator of Final GirlPresident Evil, and Planet of the Living Dead.


$4.95 $1.00

Also of Note…

Meanwhile, Over on DriveThruFiction

Let’s take a look at what’s hot over on our sister site, full of great reads!


The DriveThruFiction Pick of the Week –

Consulting detectives Bartleby and James have reputations for solving difficult crimes with a combination of steamtech inginuity and deductive reasoning. When the police cannot catch a serial killer turning Victorian London’s children into orphans, the brother of its latest victim turns to the duo for help. Despite less-than-forthcoming assistance from Scottland Yard, the pair are determined to stop the menace that the broadsheets have labeled The Scissorman. 11000 word novelette.

A Couple of Staff Favorites – 

Sixteen-year-old Goth girl Pandora Zwieback has a major problem: she’s just discovered that her New York City hometown is the stalking ground for every monster and ghoul out to raise a little hell (literally!)…BUT she’s apparently the only one who can see them. That means she can’t tell her friends or family about the dangers around them—not unless she wants to spend the rest of her life locked up in a psychiatric ward.

But before Pan has a chance to make sense of her increasingly weird life, she finds herself in the middle of a war among rival vampire clans. Elegant Gothic Lolitas from Japan on one side, silk-suited London vamps on the other, leather-clad hunters from Eastern Europe in the middle, and all after the same prize: a mysterious crate recently delivered to the horror-themed museum owned by Pan’s father.

What is the terrifying secret of Item #179? How do its contents tie into an incident from the blood-drenched past of Pan’s new friend, a 400-year-old, shape-shifting monster hunter named Annie? And, more important, will Pan survive long enough to get any answers? Check out Blood Feud: the Saga of Pandora Zweibeck to find out!

Broderick Longbarrel has served in the Royal Army of Caerllyth as a marksman for more than 30 years. Once a powerful warrior and soldier, Longbarrel has grown weary of war. On the final mission of his career, the grizzled veteran must face an over-powering enemy, a commanding officer with a sinister agenda and his own failing abilities if he is to survive.

The Old Sergeant,” an 8300 word short story set in the exciting fantasy-punk world of the Aegisteel Empire, is great for fans of high fantasy, steampunk, World of Warcraft or Battle-Chasters.

The EBook Apothecary says “The fresh descriptive writing and unique story thrust you immediately into a world that you have never seen before – and when you get to the end, you’ll be wishing for more.”

Mat Nastos has been a film/tv artist, director and writer since the early 1990s. His work has been published by Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warp Graphics, Playboy and Highlights for Kids, and has been seen everywhere from the SyFy Channel to Cinemax to the Disney Channel.



Newest Free Products

Mid-Night Detectives #2
by Midnight Detectives

Some animals are smart but what if they could organize against us or form a detective agency to stop crime? This tale displays a secret of some animal gangs who want revenge for all the wild life mankind has destroyed and the detectives trying to stop the…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #422–Ragemoor and Bionic Woman
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Ilo Ilo Feedback ReviewsAmazing Spider-Man #684New Avengers #24Ragemoor #1Bionic Woman #1Dragonstorm #1 Out of the Longbox:Camelot 3000 #1 Send comments to OR leave us a voicemail at 860-698-0468. C…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #421–AvX, Ultimate Spider-Man and The Original Johnson
by Secret Identity

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Newest Products

Axiom-man #2
by Coscom Entertainment
Price: $1.25

One night Gabriel Garrison was visited by a nameless messenger who bestowed upon him great power, a power intended for good. Once discovering what this power was and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope in a city that had …

Complete MetaDocs [BUNDLE]
by Antarctic Press
Price: $3.00 $2.00

THIS IS A BUNDLE PRODUCT. WHEN BUYING THIS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE SEPARATE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR EACH PRODUCT LISTED BELOW… MetaDocs #0Regular price: {display_products_non_sale_price(101642)}Bundle price: {display_price(…

MetaDocs: Code Black #1
by Antarctic Press
Price: $1.00

Who saves the Super-heroes? Following the two hit specials of last year, the valiant staff of Meta Central, the hospital for superbeings, are on call again! Code Black, the worst possible emergency, has struck the MetaDocs’ E.R.! Numerous staff and patien…

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