Kickback: Review

Lets get this out of the way first. I was offered the chance to look at David Lloyds Kickback before I met him at the London Super Comic Con.
I did manage to meet David Lloyd and I Found him to be one of the nicest people i’ve met at a con. From his chat about V for Vendetta to his encouragement of my daughters drawings. He was an absolute pleasure.
So, without any form of bias I would like to say that I really enjoyed Kickback!


Joe Canelli is a crooked cop working in a corrupt police force. Joe is haunted by nightmares of powerlessness. When his partner is brutally murdered and he’s betrayed by his colleagues, it appears that Joe’s nightmares are coming true. With his back against the wall there’s only one thing he can do-turn against the criminal network that he once embraced.

My first thoughts when I started reading this was that I wasn’t going to be able to get into it. As the story progressed I found myself getting immersed in this noir detective story.

With the story and art by David Lloyd, you can see the heart and commitment that has been put into the story. This is also combined with the sketches and interview with David Lloyd built into the app.
In a way I’m pleased to see that this is a standalone app. Panel Nine have done a marvellous job. As well as the main story, you get a good size sit down interview with David Lloyd, sketches of the story which include characters and thumbnails of the page layouts and a selection of covers.

The story itself is well paced and has some good combinations of fast paced action and slower when you get into the characters. With the way the suspense is built – not only with the main story, but with the undercurrent with the main character.
The art fits the story and the feel of the city. The city is dark and gritty, and this is what you get. It should feel loose and free, and this is what you get.

This is a great title to read and although it was available in print, it was never pushed as much as it should have been – created by a legend in the industry – but, prints loss is digital’s gain and now more people than ever have access to this great title!

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