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Of all the settings that come along, some really stick with you. The best ones combine special combinations of classic concepts and unique ideas, and they produce memorable characters both at the gaming table and in the overall story you share with the creators.

Deadlands is most certainly one of those settings.

Shane “Shoot `em again, just to be sure!” Hensley has teamed up with the fantastic folks at Visionary Comics to present a series of comics based on the Weird West setting of Deadlands. Let’s take a look at a few –

Deadlands Death Was SilentDeadlands: Death Was Silent – A silent bounty hunter rides into a remote town, but the town holds dark secrets that may turn the hunter into the hunted. Superstars RON MARZ and BART SEARS team up for a weird Western tale unlike any other!


Black WaterDeadlands: Black Water – JEFF MARIOTTE & BROOK TURNER weave a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and maybe a sea monster of two in ‘Black Water,’ as a weathly man searches the Great Maze for the beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams for decades.


The KidDeadlands: The Kid (Origins) – Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment brings Billy the Kid to DEADLANDS! 12 years old, family wiped out, and all alone in the middle of the wild Weird West… hunted by werewolves. Grab a gun, there’s killin’ to be done! The print backup series collected in its own special edition.

Also be sure to check out Deadlands: Massacre at Red Wing and Deadlands: The Devil’s Six Gun, also from Pinnacle and Visionary.


Cheers, and keep reading!

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Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productVisionary Comics Free Pack
by Visionary Comics

VISIONARY COMICS FREE PACK is like a free grab bag of comics you used to find at your local retailer, only digital. It includes free copies of several of our comics for you to check out, in one handy download.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleBoneyard Vol. 1
by NBM Publishing

Michael Paris has inherited a plot in the remote town of Raven Hollow. As he arrives, he gets to find out what a doozie that is. He’s basically inherited a cemetery that the villagers want razed! Why? It’s haunted with apparently frightening creatures putting a curse on the whole town! But when Paris actually gets to meet some of the denizens of his inherited headache, it turns out they ain’t all that bad (the vamp, in fact, is quite cute) and maybe the evil is not where it may seem… Collects the first 4-issue story arc of this best-selling increasingly popular series.

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$10.95 $5.99

Featured TitleBlackest Terror #1
by Moonstone

The Blackest Terror is a pioneer in what sociologists have dubbed “the super hero subculture”, a collection of racial and social minorities who feel underserved by the mainstream legal system and have decided to take matters into their own costumed hands.

How will the world react to these benevolent outlaws? Will they become celebrated symbols of humankind’s capacity for good or hated catalysts of a bloody revolution? This is a new breakout series not to be missed.

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$2.99 $1.99

Featured TitleExo-1 & The Rocksolid Steelbots – Original Graphic Novel
by Action Lab Entertainment

When an evil menace long forgotten resurfaces, media mogul Peter Rians must accept his destiny… and ownership of super-machines called The Steelbots! Now the fate of the world depends on Peter, his strong-willed assistant Vanessa, the ghost of his overbearing Grandfather, and a couple that can’t stand each other!

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$14.95 $5.99

Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekEldritch! #5
by Heart-Shaped-Skull


Willoughby Manor is pulsing with horrors. It writhes with evil, crawls with monsters, and aches to spread its hideous infection across the earth. Master Chaston Willoughby III wants to set all his dark fantasies free… but first he’s got to confront the girl with the Darwin tattoo.

GIVE IN TO MADNESS and get dragged down with ELDRITCH!

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Also of Note…

Antarctic Press Makes it Cool to Read Comics!

The arrival of Antarctic Press on DriveThruComics has been a great thing for all of our readers, and they just keep piling on more and more great, innovative, and fun titles. Check out these latest offerings!

Final Girl“Final Girl”: A slasher film genre term referring to the last person alive to confront the killer. A group of young people mysteriously awaken in a seemingly abandoned, isolated town. They soon encounter the unspeakable terrors the town conceals and are stalked by its horrific inhabitants. As they desperately struggle to escape the nightmare the town has become, they must also find a way to put an end to the madness and death unraveling around them. But only one of them will be the FINAL GIRL! In the tradition of The Cabin in the Woods comes this series from the disturbed mind of David Hutchison (Dragon Arms, President Evil, and Planet of the Living Dead) set in a world of unimaginable horror! WARNING – Mature Themes.

MetaDocsWho saves the Super-heroes? Following the two hit specials of last year, the valiant staff of Meta Central, the hospital for superbeings, are on call again! Code Black, the worst possible emergency, has struck the MetaDocs‘ E.R.! Numerous staff and patients at Meta Central are falling UNdead, victims of a mystery virus. The remaining personnel must evacuate the uninfected, contain and battle the ghoulish epidemic, and find some way to stop it. They trace the source of the outbreak to a superbeing rocketed to Earth from another world, but discover that the cure lies in the hands of a madman!

DinoWarsFINAL ISSUE RAMPAGE for DINOWARS! As the world teeters on the brink of dino-fueled destruction, the UN meeting with the Triassians is interrupted by a Megasaur attack! Hank, Deb, and their new friends escape into a secret underground base where human scientists are developing a weapon that just might turn the tide of the war. But if Hank can’t deploy the weapon in time, the dinosaurs will make Mankind extinct! Featuring the high-impact writing and artwork of Eisner Award nominated Rod Espinosa, the best-selling creator of The Courageous Princess, Neotopia, and The Prince of Heroes.

Alice in WonderlandGet ready for Rod Espinosa’s incredible adaptation of the timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland. The Eisner-nominated creator of such critically acclaimed, sweeping epics as Neotopia and The Courageous Princess applies his visionary hand to Lewis Carroll’s time-honored tale of an adventurous young girl who is swept into a strange magical fantasyland. Is it real or a dream? Journey down the rabbit hole in this amazing, lavishly illustrated, full color mini-series that is destined to become a new classic!




Newest Free Products

Visionary Comics Previews Vol. 1
by Visionary Comics

VISIONARY COMICS PREVIEWS is our new quarterly book that will feature previews and sneak peeks at our upcoming slate of digital titles. Volume 1 features our listings that will go live in May through July 2012, including new, exclusive work from hot creat…

ComicScape #3
by Spitfire Comics

ComicScape #3 Reviews, news, and views for May 2012. Top news stories include big successes for Marvel in their comic arc AvX and spectacular box-office smash, Avengers Assemble. 2000AD announces a partnership with IDW, whilst bringing back the Dark Judg…

Discussions with Decapitated Dan #91: Matt McElroy
by Decapitated Dan

Horror comics have been scaring readers for years. Is there anyone brave enough to sit down with their creators? This is Discussions with Decapitated Dan. Listen in this week as Dan is joined by the all around awesome Matt McElroy to talk about everythin…



Newest Products

The Study
by Visionary Comics
Price: $1.00

THE STUDY. Written, illustrated and adapted from the film script “The Study” by up and coming comic creator Laroche (Almighty) A tense bare knucle story about a grieving father who must fight for his life after participating in a mysterious cli…

Domino Lady’s Threesome
by Moonstone
Price: $1.99

A Return of the Originals oversize Event! Brought to you by New York Times best selling author Nancy Holder and novelist Howard Hopkins! When young women vanish at a sleazy burlesque club, three beautiful heroines slip undercover and out of their clothe…

2000 AD: Prog 1723
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

HALT!Absorning this much thrill-power is in direct violation of health and safety laws, creeps!Report to your local circuit-readjustment centre before attemtping to read JUDGE DREDD // SERVED COLDMega-City One, 2133 AD. Home to 400 million citizens, this…

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