Review: 2000AD – Prog 1781

Now that 2000AD are doing a stronger line of digital comics you can see a lot more of them on 3MillionYears!

And what a point to start!

Prog 1781 see’s the return of the Dark Judges!

In Eve Of Destruction we see the return of Judges Fire, Fear & Mortis. There’s no Death yet? but this works well because he does overshadow the others in previous storylines – even going it alone sometimes.
The set up the chaos in this prog is excellent and a great reintroduction of some classic characters!

Next up is Flesh: Midnight Cowboys Part 8

Think cowboy time travel with dinosaurs – thats what you get with flesh. Pat Mills script is brilliant here with deception, violence and sci-fi – just what you want from 2000AD. The art is tight and has some brilliant scenes as the fight for the future continues in the past!

The Zaucer of Zilk Part 7

Jumping in mid series can often be confusing and disorientating – but thats what you get with 2000AD, luckily there is always a new story along the way.
Zaucer of Zilk can read like that, especially as it seems we are close to the final arc of the story.
With a mad story and garesh art this is a crazy trip through Ewing & McCathy’s imagination!

Age of the Wolf II: Part 10 – She is legend

I really enjoyed the initial series of this and am glad to see it return. This was the final chapter of the second act and it looks like we will be seeing more of the wolf soon. Alec Worley has crafted a nice world here and along with Jon Davis-Hunt’s smooth artwork you get an all round package!

Cadet Anderson: Algol Part 2

I really enjoy these cadet stories – especially Psi-division. They are like watching CSI and the like. They have some really interesting science and procedures – then drop them in the Mega City!
In this we have a former cadet gone bad with Psi powers and Anderson has to help track them down.

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