Review: Atomic Robo – Real Science Adventures #2

Red 5’s marquee character continues to expend his universe in this series!

With characters on the peripheral of the main series (Volume 7 coming soon!) this is a nice tester of new characters.

The cover is a nice old school style with Robo and faded edges – something different to draw the eye on the shelves!

We get part 2 (of 6) of To Kill a Sparrow which is set during World War II – this episode give us some speed and action which leaves us hanging, but we know – at least – where the beginning of part 3 is going to be. I think this is one of the hardest to read – which is a combination of the art style and the characters. Nevertheless this is a nice story which mixes it up in the comic as a whole.

Next up we get a one-off story Monster Hunters. I know it’s weird – but is the beefy guy in the forth panel a little like Jason Stathem? Anyway. This is a typical Atomic Robo story with a bit of a twist at the end which you don’t see coming. I enjoyed this, I just wished there was a “to be continued” at the end, rather than “The End”

Leaping Metal Dragon continues Atomic Robo’s training with Bruce Lee – Yeah that’s right – It’s a little slower in the build that the other stories, but we’ve got another 4 issues to get to that. I like the art, and it has some great facial expressions.

The final story is another Atomic Robo one-shot: Atomic Robo Vs Rasputin – Without getting into Hellboy territory here, I would like to see more of the mad monk! As I think he would be good in further stories!

If I had a critism of this series is that it may have too much Atomic Robo – I would like to see more of the other characters!

In all this is shaping up to be a good series, and would first recommend you get issue #1, then get this!

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