‘4’ Today Only – 50% Off Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Arrgghh – I’ve started punning!

From Comixology:

Download half-price Fantastic Four comics on comiXology today!

Kick off the weekend with half-price digital comics featuring Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four!  J. Michael Straczynski and the late Dwanye McDuffie, two comic legends with fantastic runs on Fantastic Four. Check out Fantastic Four #528-553 for half-price on comiXology today!

Dr. Doom has come back in time and claims that Reed Richards’ Civil War plans are a danger to the future. Just what are those plans and how can Richards save the world from himself…

As Ben revels in his newfound wealth and status, an act of sabotage may well jeopardize Reed’s secret project–and a visit from state officials has dire ramifications for Sue and the rest of the Richards clan…

Experience the stories of Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny in Fantastic Four #528-553 today and just when you thought this sale couldn’t get any better we’re throwing a classic Walt Simonson arc into the mix. Pick up Fantastic Four #347 – 349 during today’s half – price sale

The Fantastic Four are dead! Long live the new Fantastic Four – Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider!? Can they get to the bottom of the FF’s demise? And just what do the Skrulls want with this new team?

Legendary comics, from legendary creators at legendary prices! Download these classicFantastic Four comics on comiXology during today’s $0.99 sale!

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