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Free weekly productTwilightPop FCBD 2012
by TwilightPop Productions

Our exclusive FCBD issue this year showcases stories and art from fan-favorite Amin Amat, Keith Cobrien, Scott Swartz, Daniele Cosentino, Rachel H. White! 24 pages including a spectacular cover by Amin Amat!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleAwakening #1
by Archaia Entertainment LLC

A series of missing-persons and gruesome murders has begun to unfold in the city of Park Falls. Derrick Peters, a former member of the Park Falls Police Department, receives a visit from Cynthia Ford one January afternoon. Cynthia, well known as the town crazy, seems to have finally lost her mind. She claims to have information about the murders, but does she hold the key to unlocking the mystery or has she truly gone insane? Derrick Peters isn’t sure what to think when he hears her utter one word in explanation of what’s going on in town: Zombies.

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Featured TitleSherlock Holmes & Kolchak: The Night Stalker #1B
by Moonstone

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS…a historic unveiling!

Not a dream, not a hoax, not a parallel universe!

Two of the most unique investigators of all time try to untangle the same mystery…one hundred years apart from each other! The lawless wild west- the hidden world of Victorian London- the present day hell of Hollywood…there…and back again.

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Featured TitleWitchblade Rebirth Volume 1
by Top Cow

NEW CITY, NEW JOB, SAME KICKASS BEARER.In the wake of Top Cow’s REBIRTH, Sara Pezzini has relocated from New York to Chicago and struggles to adapt to being a private detective. Pezzini quickly discovers that a change of scenery and occupation hasn’t changed one thing… the Witchblade is still a magnet for the supernatural. Quickly drawn into a conflict between two mystical gangs, she must once again balance her responsibility as bearer of the Witchblade with her personal life.

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekPilot Season: Hardcore #1
by Top Cow

From the creative minds of Image partners Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri!Once the hard core is shot into the back of your neck, an assassin’s brain waves can be transmitted into your body–circumventing your brain functions–taking complete control of your body. When assassins use this technology–your killer can be anyone; your barber, your neighbor or your wife. They are the best assassins in the world–but what happens when one of their own turns against them? Who can you trust when your enemy can change his appearance as easy as someone changes a shirt?

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Newest Free Products

Discussions with Decapitated Dan #95: Mark Poulton
by Decapitated Dan

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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #434–Night of the Owls
by Secret Identity

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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #433–Rapid Thunder, Godzilla and X-Men
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Newest Products

Narcisist 01
by Pronto Comics
Price: $0.99

Check out the wit wisdom and madness of Pronto Comics writer/Commedian Patrick Rielly as he shares some of his thoughts with us…FUNNY STUFF!

Pawn: Kingdom Come
by Pronto Comics
Price: $0.99

In the distant future, mankind continues the ancient battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, will they learn from their mistakes or continue the vicious cycle of violence and hatred?

FAME Big Time Rush
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

The biggest hit show of 2010 for Nickelodeon now hits the comic page. 4 friends from Minnesota started a pop singing group on the show, and now you can learn the back story of these 4 young men and their co-stars. Find out where Kendall, Logan, Carlos an…

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