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Latest releases from Cloud 9 Comix for Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Flare #12
Story: Wilson Hill
Art: Gordon Purcell & Terry Pallott
Colors: Mike Estlick
Letters: Albert Deschesne
Genre: Superhero, Action
Format: Full color, 24 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Heroic Publishing

Comics’ glittering goddess of the light returns in an all-new series of adventures.

Flare and her boyfriend Lucas Madison spend “Thanksgiving with the Madisons.” Then Lucas’s little sister Jessie and her friend Stevie find themselves having a “Cat-Fight.” And Christmas itself is honored when Flare visits the local children’s hospital to tell them “The Christmas Story.”






Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains #6
Writer: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa
Pencils: Glenn A. Boyd
Inks: Alan Jude Summa
Cover Art: Alan Jude Summa
Letters: Laura F. Summa
Genre: Sci Fi, Western
Language: English
Format: Black & white, 30 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Leadbelly Productions

Back at the ranch, the Lizards return to find their evil twins. The evil Lizards have captured Willibeet and the Time Probe.

The trio board The Probe as prisoners of their mirror images. The evil Lizards have been pilfering across the galaxy and are being pursued by the Moorgs. In a desperate attempt to escape, Willibeet pushes buttons catapulting them deep into the jungle of an earthlike planet. Before they become lunch, they must escape from the clutches of a forgotten tribe of tiny cannibals. They manage to escape boarding The Probe and launching into space narrowly missing the Moorg Mark 2 Battleship Cruiser.



Jesus Hates Zombies: A Jurrasic Kinda Life #2
Writer: Stephen Lindsay
Art: Rob Croonenborghs
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Language: English
Format: Black & white, 64 pages
Price: $1.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

After the events of “Jesus Hates Zombies: Yea, Though I Walk…”, Jesus and President Lincoln find themselves smack dab in the middle of another zombie outbreak, only this time is taking place in prehistoric times! Zombie dinosaurs, cavemen, and other blatant anachronisms run wild as our heroes try to stop this new zombie plague and find a way to return Abe to his own time.






Beware #2
Writer: Mike D Perkins
Artist: Will Perkins
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Language: English
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

With a school full of children and a wandering fungal menace on the loose, no one is safe from the fertile fear of Formula X! The second issue of “Beware …” takes you back to the horrors of high school as a student’s experiment grows beyond its innocent intent. A team of three have until midnight to solve the mystery and save the rest of Haven Hallows from … infection!

This latest offering from the Perkins Bros. is another adventure in neo-retro sci-fi as the next scientific scare plagues unlucky town of Haven Hallows.





Little Heroes: The Graphic Novel

Writer: Estevão Ribeiro
Art: Mário César, Raphael Salimena
Genre: Fantasy, Short Stories
Language: English
Format: Full color, 100 pages
Price: $2.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

Who hadn’t ever dreamed about being a superhero? Which child hadn’t ever imagined himself wearing a cape and flying through the skies to fight evil? “Little Heroes” is a series about this feeling of doing great realizations and being part of incredible adventures, but it shows how heroism also emerges even from the smallest actions. Acts of bravery and courage aren’t exclusivity of men from Krypton or demigods. Instead of showing the human behind the supers, this series shows the supers within the us, humans.





The Kitchen Witch #1

Writers: Steve Orlando
Pencils/Inks: Olivia Pelaez
Colors: Heather Breckel
Letters: Matty Ryan
Genre: Fantasy, All Ages
Language: English
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: FREE
Publisher: 215 Ink

The Kitchen Witch is for every boy who idolizes his dad. Kevin can’t wait to see his dad’s new restaurant- Traddiodad. The night before the opening, he sneaks down to the kitchen, and enters the fantastic world within its walls. There, the Gremlin Lord has stolen his secret family ingredient. To get it back, Kevin and Lovis, the Kitchen Witch, battle their way through towering mouse beasts, bacteria bandits, and fruit flywaymen. Kevin wants to make his dad proud, but the ingredient is a secret, even to him. Lovis and the Gremlin Lord stalemate in the Hanging Cast-Iron Islands, but Kevin discovers the truth of the secret ingredient and banishes the Gremlin Lord. Through his adventure, Kevin finds true treasure- a connection with his dad.

The Kitchen Witch is an adventure combining Scandinavian folklore with raw childhood imagination and emotion. A Manhattan kitchen’s geography becomes a fantasy landscape. Hanging pots become floating iron islands, grills become steaming ore fields- a new Narnia garnished with culinary flourishes. Contemporary issues frame the narrative as Kevin’s dad struggles with single-parenting. Kevin wants to help his dad more than anything, which carries him through his own personal wondertale. This is the distillation of childhood, when the fantastic still waits around any corner.

A brand new modern family adventure from writer Steve Orlando (Outlaw Territory, Image Comics, Mystery in Space, Vertigo), artist O. Pelaez (The Gutters, 2011 Harvey Nominee), colorist Heather Breckel (The Adorable Mini-Adventures), and letterer Matty Ryan (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury).

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