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Curse of The Black Terror (Volume 2) is a sixty page webcomic project that follows a scientist who reluctantly takes on the mantle of the Black Terror in order to take down a messianic madman that he inadvertently helped to create. This is a dramatic, long form project, more akin to a serialized graphic novel, than traditional webcomics.

A Legend Reborn-

New Black Terror vs the old, by Lawrence Gillette.
New Black Terror vs the old, by Lawrence Gillette.

The Black  Terror, as some of you may know, was a golden age superhero that has fallen into the public domain. This story arc, like our initial story, follows a re-imagined and modernized version of the character. Despite this change in attitude and costume, we have kept the Golden Age character’s history and mythology intact. In fact Book 2 will feature even more golden age characters, delving deeper into the original character’s history.

ghosts from the past.
ghosts from the past.

Believe It Or Not, This Is A Love Story-

That was the tag line for our first story arc. It rang as true for the actual plot, as it did for the creation of the project. Curse of The Black Terror began as a completely passion funded project. Not a single dime, other than website upkeep, was spent to create the first story arc. Each five page chapter was worked on by a different artist or artistic team for free. The story was completely scripted and plotted by Curtis Lawson as a passion project. Sadly, such carefree days of collaborative paradise can not last forever.

Page 1 inks by Chandra P. Kelly
Page 1 inks by Chandra P. Kelly

As the comic now matures and goes into its second story arc, I would like to have a single artist producing the sequential pages. This will give the webcomic a more cohesive look and create a more organic reading experience. To tackle this job I have contracted Chandra P. Kelly. You can see a sample of his work above. In order to maintain some of the fun of presenting work from various artists, I will be commissioning chapter covers from different artists, including Christopher Gibbs (Voices of Deadworld).

Why Back This?

To get all this high quality art, both for sequentials and cover images, I’ll have to shell out some real money.  This will pay for all of the pencil and ink artwork for the webcomic.$2,600 is the minimum amount I need to have this story rendered into line art. The script is finished and waiting to become a reality. The colors I will do myself for free. If we greatly exceed the goal, then I would use the extra money to expand the story. This would allow us to update twice a week instead of just once. If you are on the fence about backing this project, I’d ask that you read through the archive over at If you like what you see please consider that great comics need financing to happen. There aren’t a lot of long form, superhero webcomics out there, and I’d hate to see this one fade away. Please help us keep creating this and giving it to the world for free.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information and incentives!

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