Review: Devil Cat

We all know cats are evil right?

Devil Cat Vs God Dog concerns a mischievous black cat, Sooty, AKA Devil Cat, who lazes through a life of contented slovenry with his compliant friends, Tubby, Smoky and Inky, in a sleepy Scottish village. However, his world is shaken upside down by the arrival of a new neighbour, Flurry. Not only is Flurry a hateful dog – of which there are no others in the village – he is also fervently religious and seeks to persuade the pets to join his ‘gang’. Devil Cat’s friends are duly converted and Devil Cat is alone; then to compound our feline hero’s woes, Flurry’s owner, a vicar by the name of Toby, embarks on a relationship with Devil Cat’s owner, Suzy. When at first Toby discovers Devil Cat’s satanic connections, and later Flurry gains super powers it seems Devil Cat’s once superior powers have been thwarted. A war is waged between evil and good, containing hellish twists and holy turns, until finally a catastrophe has dramatic and life-changing consequences for all four main characters …

This starts out as a standard fare with individual strips making amusing reading. But soon you get drawn into the whole storyline and can’t help flicking your way through the whole book.

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This is not a graphic novel as you may know it. What you do get is an easy to read, enjoyable story about and evil cat, and and a Godly dog. With a well rounded supporting cast of humans and other cats you get a story that is hard to put down.

The art is simplistic in a way that doesn’t detract from the story, with some excellent scenes and expressions from all the key characters.

This is something different from the norm, which is enjoyable and fun. There is nothing here to offend, just to laugh at!

Devil Cat is available from Tabella Publishing and is available on Apple’s iBooks here

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