Bluewater Comics Previews: Adam West & More

Here are the details on the latest digital comics available from Bluewater Comics!

Misadventures of Adam West #6

Writer: Adam West, Leon McKenzie and Edward Gross

Artist: Angel Luis Bernuy


Adam West is trapped in Space again, but this time in the future. And this time he has company—Dirk Benedict of the 25th Century!

Dorian Gray #2

Writer: Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis

Artist: Federico De Luca


They say the past can come back to haunt you. But when you’re the last son of a cursed family, the past never left. After discovering the secret behind a family heirloom, Dorian learns the depth of his family damnation and is determined to right his legacy– but this revelation only opens the door to an ancient malevolent threat.

Secret Lives of Julie Newmar #3

Writer: Marc Shapiro and Julie Newmar

Artist: Emiliano Urdinola


In this exciting wrap up of the first story arc of The Secret Lives Of Julie Newmar… our time travelling television icon has a close encounter with a certain Bat type, turns the tables on Dr. Vertigo, and gets some astonishing news about the true parentage of Onyx while contemplating the possibilities of true romance with a proper stranger. If you think there are no surprises left… well then you just don’t know time. Written by New York Times Best Selling author Marc Shapiro who has all the answers.

William Shatner Presents: TekWar #8

Writer: William Shatner and Scott Davis

Artist: Lipe Oliveira

It all comes down to this. After all the schemes, all the Machiavellian plotting, Jake Cardigan finds himself alone on a corporate satellite 365 miles above the Earth. As Jake unravels the mysteries behind the virus that is ravaging Meks and humans alike, the answers force him to face questions about his own past and his own destiny.

Victoria Secret Service: Collected Edition

Writer: Terrance Griep

Artist: Nadir Balan


They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, and the glamorous field agents of VSS put this to the test when they allow their newest member, the American sneak-thief Scarlet, to take point on her first mission. Hoping to derail an imminent coronation, an unknown scoundrel has stolen the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. It’s up to Lark, Raven, Brooke, and Scarlet to steal back these vibrant symbols of the monarchy they have been paid to protect.

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Flying Saucers Vs. the Earth #4

Writer: Ryan Burton

Artist: Alan Brooks

A small, weird western town on the edge of hell is invaded by a horde of demons in the shape of bandits. On their wild rampage through the town, the bandits run afoul of an Asperger’s syndrome boy with strange powers, and his silent, giant companion. The boy and the giant defeat the demon-bandits and drive them back into Hell. The boy climbs up on the shoulders of his giant friend and rides off into the sunset, leaving the town’s preacher and mayor, who looks suspiciously like VINCENT PRICE, wondering…

John Saul’s the God Project #2

Writer: John Saul and David McIntee

Artist: Federico De Luca


Sally and Bernie Montgomery have found some disturbing information about the death of their baby daughter – but is it really an answer, or just another question?Malone, meanwhile, continues to search for Lucy Corliss’ missing son Randy, but his investigation is soon to surprise him. Meanwhile, who really runs the CHiLDhood network, and who or what is GT-21…?


Review copies as well as interviews are available upon request.


About Bluewater Productions


Bluewater Productions has whole-heartedly embraced the digitalization of the comic book world and is in the process of digitizing its massive collection of comic classics.


“We have enthusiastically embarked on this new digital comic frontier. The e-versions of our comic books and graphic novels are now sold on all major electronic devices, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iPads and iPhones,” said Bluewater President Darren Davis.


As the Vancouver-based comic book company works to keep pace with the quickly evolving technological world, they have also began working with a new, innovative comic book distributor, Comic Flea Market.


Daviscontinued, “”For the better part of ten years, I’ve watched theindependent comic industry struggle. However with new technologies and marketing I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. That light isprint-to-order, and that train is Comic Flea Market,” Davis added.

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