Kickstarter: in Sanity, AZ – Horror Comic Book Anthology

I mentioned this a while ago, but now it’s up and running on Kickstarter!


A collection of dark tales from a familiar yet strange desert town just off the highway. Beware you don’t find yourself in Sanity, AZ.

  • Launched: Jan 28, 2013
  • Funding ends: Mar 3, 2013

“in SANITY, AZ” is a twisted, 160-page graphic novel anthology featuring tales of a small town along a desert highway in Arizona. The inhabitants of this town are the castaways, looked at sideways by “normal” people that drive by, but here, in Sanity, they run the town.

This project is the brainchild of four creators: Mike FountainMarcel LosadaJames Ninness and Joe Pezzula. None of them knows how to draw, so lucky for you, they’re working with eighteen of the best artists they know: Chris BurkheartCourtney CamachoChris CollinsCollin Fogel,Kevin GemserBen GlibertScott IrwinRich KuhauptFrank Luna,John NarcomeyDonald PoquizJorge SevillaBrian SorianoJed SorianoMike Temple, and Daniel Touchet. And we can’t forget the graceful colors of Shannon Forrey or the hard-hitting covers of Phoenix celebrity, “Big” Chris Wood.

Yup. It’s kind of an all-star crew.

Rough Cover to #1 by "Big" Chris Wood
Rough Cover to #1 by “Big” Chris Wood

“in SANITY, AZ” is a series of stories, each revolving around a different set of characters within the town of Sanity interacting with each other or the poor souls who happen upon their paradise in the desert. Initial plans see the finished stories released in three digital issues and then collected and released in a trade paperback by the end of 2013.

in Sanity, AZ #1
JULY 2013
Collecting the first eleven stories in the “in SANITY, AZ”saga: “Snowglobes and Albatrosses”, “Broken Water I”, “Murder”, “Burgers And Shakes”, “Friends”, “False Idols”, “Inning Five”, “Honor Parents”, “Confusion”, “Sea Of Sanity”, and “False Witness”.
Digital, 52 pgs, $1.99 US – RATED 18+

in Sanity, AZ #2
Collecting the next ten stories in the “in SANITY, AZ” saga: “”Ham Tickle”, “The Motel In Sanity”, “Lords Name”, “Pointer”, “Raw”, “Breaking Water II”, “Cuckoo Clocks”, “Covet”, “Lollipop”, and “Sabbath”.
Digital, 64 pgs, $1.99 US – RATED 18+

in Sanity, AZ #3
Collecting the final eight stories in the “in SANITY, AZ” saga: “The Orchard”, “Steal”, “Kids And Their Treasures”, “Adultery”, “Lullaby”, “Dog Tricks”, “Other Gods”, and “Broken Water III”.
Digital, 60 pgs, $1.99 US – RATED 18+

in Sanity, AZ (TPB)
Print, 180 pgs, (Price TBD) – RATED 18+

With your donations and contributions we will be able to take “in SANITY, AZ” from a three year old script to a mammoth book of thrilling art and dark tales, loaded with bizarre, nightmarish reflections of our own society. Every cent you give will go directly to our incredible team of artists. All of it.

What about stretch goals?

Yup, we got those. While we don’t want to give away all the goals just yet, we can say that the money received will go into making the book better. This money is going to be used to produce and incredible piece of terrifying. Yes, I just used “terrifying” as a noun. I’m a writer, I can do that.

Stretch it out...
Stretch it out…
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