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Fan of The Crow? Be sure to check out Everette Hartsoe’s The Crow/Razor: Kill the Pain collected edition! The full collected mini series in which the two darkest underground comicbook characters meet for the 1st time. Beautifully bold art by Jerry Beck and the twisted story brought to you by Everette Hartsoe.

In the distant future, three people are pulled together as war in our solar system consumes world after world. Collected for the first time, Christopher Shy’s seminal graphic novel of the future, Man to Leaves, is now available in digital and print formats exclusively at DriveThruComics!


Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productBluewater Presents #1
by Blue Water Productions

From the creators of 10th Muse, ISIS, and Judo Girl, Bluewater is ready to introduce the next generation of heroes. In the coming months you’ll get to know such memorable characters as the New 10th Muse, Insane Jane, Violet Rose, Gearz, and those sexy assassins from the other side of the Pond, VSS. But you can meet them right now in Bluewater’s 32-page sampler.

Get a quick taste of some of the industry’s up and coming artists and writers. Follow the new adventures of old friends and explore the worlds of some new titles coming to your comic shop very soon. This book includes samples from: 10th Muse, Isis, Gearz, Insane Jane, Blackbeard Legacy, and Judo Girl.

Note: Intended for readers age 9+

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleEleventh Hour V1 #1
by AAM Markosia

What goes on in the minds of the hottest rising talent in comics?

A schoolgirl haunted by demons, vampire chicks on motorbikes and retired superheroes are just some of the things you can expect in this anthology.

Eleventh Hour features exciting new creators from across the globe. This issue includes exclusive content, “Brothers in Arms”.


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Featured TitlePower Corps #1
by Red Leaf Comics

Power Corps stars Lloyd Smith’s heroes of a generation destined to save the earth from an evil tyrant. Smashing into action from the pages of Blue Moon Comics and the 1990’s Smith’s quintincential team of misfit heroes are here to protect us!

With amazing art by Jamie Laurie! Originally prsented in Blue Moon Presents.

$2.99 $0.99

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Featured TitleProject: Shadows #2
by 183 Degree Studio

Join us with our second issue where we delve in deeper into the world of war, survival and power beyond your wildest imagination that exists in Project Shadows.

New players have joined the game, but who are they and what are they after? What unknown and nefarious mechanisms bring the sum of all fears closer to our heroin Samantha’s doorstep? Follow the continuation of our comic book runaway behemoth in the next installment of Project: Shadows.

With humankind on the balance, what will she do? With stakes so high. Paths so perilous. Enemies at every turn. Catch the danger, the intrigue, the eminent destruction. The revolution is a WAVE.

$4.99 $2.99

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Son of Merlin #5

Son of Merlin #5


Dr. Simon Ambrose, MIT professor and heir to Merlin’s magic legacy, has fled from the vengeful Morgana long enough.

Now it is time to stand his ground and fight.

But will inherited talent and his cursory understanding of Merlin’s diaries be enough to conquer a mage of Morgana’s level and might?


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47 Decembers

47 Decembers

Living in Waterbury in an aging inn wasn’t Audrey’s dream. It was her husband’s.

But now her husband is dead, and Audrey is the only one who thinks it wasn’t an accident. She’s also the only one who thinks the scarecrows scattered throughout the town have been moving.

What’s really going on in Waterbury?

Audrey’s about to find out.


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Indigo Prime

Indigo Prime: Anthropocalypse


There are an infinite number of realities within the multiverse. With the risk dimensional instability as an ever-present threat, these parallel worlds all need to be managed; enter Indigo Prime, troubleshooting reality agents.

So what do Indigo Prime want with Lance Corporal Danny Redman? Why is a Neanderthal walking around in modern Britain? How do you catch a dimension-jumping Bewilderbeast? And where in the multiverse is Spacesick Steve?

All of these questions and more are answered in this mind-warping adventure from the fertile minds of John Smith and Edmund Bagwell, the team who brought you Cradlegrave, and Lee Carter (Judge Dredd, Greg Area).

Originally serialized in 2000 AD Progs 1577-1588, 1750-1753, 1756-1763.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts Volume 5 Trade
by Top Cow

Tom Judge was once a priest, responsible for lost souls. Now he is the bearer of the ancient, powerful Artifact called the Rapture, and responsible for the survival of the entire universe. Tom’s only hope of preserving all creation is to gather the other Artifact bearers, and make a stand against the Darkness. It’s a battle could cost Tom his own soul.Collects ARTIFACTS 19-24

Witchblade created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, and Michael Turner.The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl.

$16.99 $8.99

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Newest Free Products

One-Man Preview
by Warrior Innkeeper Comics

Some would say Johnny August is a man blessed with amazing abilities.  He can heal the sick and wounded, he can fly, and he can fight! … but Johnny see’s his powers more of a curse than anything else.  For five years he has been on the run. &nbs…

Bluewater Presents #1
by Blue Water Productions

From the creators of 10th Muse, ISIS, and Judo Girl, Bluewater is ready to introduce the next generation ! of heroes. In the coming months you’ll get to know such memorable characters as the New 10th Muse, Insane Jane, Violet Rose, Gearz, and those sexy as…

Song of Dominion: Candle
by Laughing Moon

The prologue to a larger graphic novel, Candle brings us to a place on the edge ! of the great city of Delerion, where forbidden magic has been rekindled by a mysterious figure called the Burned Man. This marks the first step in a greater journey where pow…



Newest Products

Ftl #6
by AAM Markosia
Price: $1.99

This is the comics anthology where anything goes! Vampires! Dragons! Robots! Ninjas! Knights! Vikings! Cheerleaders! You name it, you’ll find it in the pages of FTL!

Transformers: Identification and Price Guide
by F+W Media
Price: $14.99

Transformers: Identification and Price Guide is the ultimate reference for all Generation One (G1) Transformers figures released from 1984 – 1990. Featuring more t! han 1,200 color photographs, this unparalleled guide presents every character in robot and a…

Basic Colored Pencil Techniques
by F+W Media
Price: $10.99

Easy-to-follow demonstrations show you how to use colored pencils to paint trees, flowers, animals, people and other popular subjects. The colored pencil is an easy-to-use, inexpensive and incredibly expressive medium. And nobody is more skilled with the…

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