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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, is where the discounts are at!

That’s right, Christmas in July is here! Get 25% off of hundreds of titles by dozens of great publishers! Put the jingle bells on, and keep some jingle in your pocket, too!

Explore over 3400 discounted digital titles from Top Cow, Archaia, Moonstone, Heroic Publishing, UDON, and more in the X-Mas in July Sale!

In addition to tons of awesome deals from dozens of publishers, we have lots and lots of new comics that just arrived this week!

Check out Weird Quest, Trouble in Grouse BeakBoston MetaPhysical Society Chapter One, and City of Walls…just to name a few!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe Devil & Jack O’Brien 1
by John Boveri

Jack O’Brien has a chance to win the girl of his dreams. But, like all good love stories…It’s complicated.

How can an ordinary guy hope to defeat the Devil himself…and just how far will he go for love?

[Part 1 of 5]

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleAposperos: Merchant of Souls
by Visionary Comics

Aposperos is a Soul-Merchant, when someone sells their soul to the Devil, Aposperos collects the debt. But when he is confronted by a selfless sacrifice, his conscience awakens and sets him on a journey that will turn him against his old masters and reveal the horrible truth behind the soul-trade.

A sophisticated thriller with secret societies, mysteries and intrigue.


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Featured TitleBlack River One Shot
by 215 Ink

Small time thugs, Alex and Vincent, accidentally hijack a shipment of guns.

Despite Alex’s misgivings, Vince attempts to sell the guns, leading them in to a deadly battle involving the local mafia and a crazy, right-wing vigilante.

$2.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleUndead Evil #1
by Asylum Press

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a centuries old family curse is reignited by an undead voodoo priest. When paranormal researcher Alfred Carter is summoned by the ghost of his ancestor, he must travel to The Big Easy to cleanse his bloodline. What he finds are untold family secrets and a descent into madness.

This disturbing tale can be described as H.P. Lovecraft meets Angel Heart. Features Nenad Guncunja sketchbook and Ben Olson cover art process section.


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Think Tank Vol 2

Think Tank Volume 2

Dr. David Loren is many things: child prodigy, inventor, genius, slacker… mass murderer. When a military think tank’s smartest scientist decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction, will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the machinations of smaller men?

Collecting the original series in its entirety, this trade paperback also is jam packed with a complete cover gallery, bonus articles, behind-the-scenes sketches, and more!

Collects THINK TANK Volume 2 #1 – #4, the Military Dossier, and includes a Cover Gallery and Science Class.


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ImmortalsImmortals, Gods and Heroes

Archaia Black Label and Relativity Media are proud to present an all-new, epic collection based within the world of the Tarsem Singh-directed film Immortals, starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and John Hurt.

This OGN is not an adaptation of the film, but rather an anthology of original tales that expand the mythology and introduce fans to the exciting world featured within the movie.

Witness the epic battle between Gods and Titans, with the future of Mankind in the balance!

These amazing myths are brought to you by some of the greatest creators in comics: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), Chris Roberson (Superman, iZombie), Jock (The Losers, Detective Comics), Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Artifacts), Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir, Batman), Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men), Steve Lieber (Whiteout), Francesco Francavilla (Detective Comics, Black Panther), Jeff Parker (Hulk, Thunderbolts), and many more!


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Sky Pirates of ValendorSky Pirates of Valendor Volume One

Welcome to the World of Valendor, a bold new world where steam-powered ships sail across the sky and where you’ll find that the standard heroes come in any shape or form—even Pirate!

Life as one of the most notorious pirates in Valendor comes with its own set of ups and downs, and sometimes all Tobin Manheim wants is an easy job. His wish was granted when Governor Langford offered him one on a silver platter. Tobin saw an opportunity to make an easy coin and he pounced on it without question. However the costs became greater than the rewards. First cost-Tobin’s dignity. He has to work with his ex-wife. From there, things seem to go straight into the privy. Past accounts become due, parts of his ship explode and when things seem to brighten up, they only got worse. What happens though when Tobin reaches his limit and just wants the job to be over? Revenge!


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekPirate Eye: A Pirate’s Life Is Not For Me
by Action Lab Entertainment

Pirate Eye returns for another Pirate Noir packed story in Pirate Eye: A Pirate’s Life Is Not For Me.

The ex-pirate and now high-seas detective known as Smitty gets a rude reminder of his past when a pirate ship comes to town. With the pirates seeing Smitty as their best chance at recovering a valuable map stolen by a defector, he gets pulled into a deeper, darker world of deceit and debauchery.

Cannon fire meets hard-boiled introspection in the latest chapter of ‘buccanoir’ adventure written by Joe Grahn and featuring the exquisite are of Carl Yonder.”


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New at

Appalachian UndeadAppalacian Undead

Almost Heaven…or is it?

The mountain’s enduring beauty holds something dark. Something dreadful. Something hungry for our flesh, our brains. Something dead yet not quite dead, driven by magic as old as the coal seams and the hills.

Come see the dark side of the mountains where the undead walk. Appalachia stands against an ever-hungry, never-tiring army created by the region’s own mysteries and lore. Appalachian Undead collects intriguing zombie tales by some of the best names in horror, including John Skipp, Jonathan Maberry, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Lebbon, Elizabeth Massie, Lucy Snyder, Bev Vincent, Tim Waggoner and many more.


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Newest Free Products

Pre Zero
by Wi~Fi Digital Press

The PRE ZERO is the Prelude to the ZERO. ZERO is a series of books containing the art of various artists from around the world and their stories or projects, created by Javier “Sama”

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #534–Batgirl and Sic Gun Gorilla
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Reviews:Batgirl #22Blood Brothers #1 Dinosaurs Attack #1Six-Gun Gorilla #1Fantastic Four #10 Summer Reading Project:Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #10 Send comments to OR leave us…

by Mini-Komix

Captivating Comics about Vampire Bunnygirls! In this spinoff to Gaijin Hi, Rabinella is one of the last in a long line of members of the Lapan Clan, which is a family of vampire bunnygirls, and there are very few men in the world who are able to help the…



Newest Products

Scam #3 of 4
by ComixTribe
Price: $1.99

It’s Christmas in July! From now through July 28th, this title has been marked down by 25%! For more values, visit DriveThruComics’ X-mas in July sale page. Just as Tru’s team of super powered conmen scramble to keep their plan alive, they discover…

The Red Ten #3
by ComixTribe
Price: $1.99

It’s Christmas in July! From now through July 28th, this title has been marked down by 25%! For more values, visit DriveThruComics’ X-mas in July sale page. And then there were eight…Fear mounts after the second death of one of their own suggest…

ROLF: Christmas Special III
by NUELOW Games
Price: $0.74

MERRY CHRISTMAS(in July) If a superhero and two scientific geniuses decide to make Christmas merry for some orphans, it’s a safe assumption that some supervillain will be by to run the day. And that’s exactly what happens in ROLF!: Christmas Special III….

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